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PASCO Celebrates Its 10 and 20 Year Award Recipients

This month, we honored our caregivers and clients who are celebrating 10 and 20 years with PASCO! We could not be more thankful for the commitment and care they have put towards their loved ones, as well as PASCO as a whole, after so many years.

These individuals were honored for their years of hard work and dedication with private photo sessions to commemorate the occasion with their entire family. Each caregiver and client had the opportunity to come to PASCO where a professional photographer took family photos, individual shots, and more to show our thanks. More than 60 individuals had the opportunity to come take part in these sessions and commemorate the occasion.

We also hosted a virtual thank you celebration for those who opted for a fully remote event. The Zoom ceremony featured guests like our founder Barry Rosenberg, our CEO Leslee Torres, and some of our amazing caregivers! Those in attendance shared stories they’ve experienced as members of this community  – including favorite memories, impactful moments, and what it means to be part of a company that has always strived to care for the caregiver. We look forward to celebrating those who are hitting their 10 or 20-year milestone with us in 2022 next spring.