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A Colorado-based non-profit is helping ease housing-related concerns for individuals across our state.

Brothers Redevelopment is ready to help people with disabilities and individuals with low incomes who have concerns with their housing. The group helps make minor repairs on homes and offers exterior painting. It also helps people find a place to stay if they have nowhere to go.

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The non-profit says it believes, “safe, decent, and affordable housing should be achievable for all Coloradans.” For the last 50 years, volunteers and members of the group have been working to make this a reality. The group says in 2021 it offered over 300 health, safety, and accessibility repairs and modifications for homeowners who are over the age of 60 and/or disabled. It also helped thousands to either stay in their homes through rent and mortgage assistance or to find somewhere new.

If you are in need of rent and mortgage assistance, housing counseling, or other repairs to improve the safety or accessibility of your home, visit the Brothers Redevelopment Inc’s website to see if you qualify.