Receive pay for the care you are already providing to your loved one through PASCO's Family CNA program.
In just one step you could be on the road to care.

The first step of the process is our online application. • The application can be completed in approximately 10–15 minutes.
• You will provide references and authorize PASCO to run a Background Check. This check is required to attend CNA School.
• You will schedule a follow-on TB test, meet and greet option, and CNA school application date. Request more info

TB Test/Meet and Greet
• TB Test: a medical screening required to attend CNA School. The test involves an injection that must be checked two days later.
• Meet and Greet: An in-person appointment where we can discuss the entire process and identify the most appropriate partner CNA School. More Info about TB

School Enrollment
Enrollment in one of PASCO’s partner CNA Schools. Most schools complete their applications in person, where the admissions officer can discuss the scholastic plan and course schedule with the incoming student.

CNA School
Attending one of our partner CNA Schools throughout the state. Most Colorado CNA schools involve approximately 70 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of clinical training in a nursing home. CNA Training Resources

PASCO Training
This step involves completing three paid PASCO training courses while waiting to take your State Exam.
• New-Hire Orientation: Welcome to PASCO, new hire paperwork, documentation, and employee policies
• Skills Training: Annual training reviewing caregiving and CNA skills in a group setting
• CPR/First Aid Training: Bi-annual CPR/First Aid training. Required within 60 days of Orientation.
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CNA Exam
Completing the Colorado State CNA Exam managed through Pearson Vue. Schedule Your Test
• Final Assessment: Intake nurse does a final intake and submits paperwork to the State of Colorado. This is the step where the State provides the final approval for number of hours paid and finalizes your client’s care plan.

Start of Care ($$$)
With the approval in hand, we build you a schedule!
• Benefits: 5x annual bonuses, Health/Dental/Vision Insurance, free life insurance, vacation, sick leave, 10x Federal Holidays, advances, profit sharing 401k. See all of your PASCO Benefits

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