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Children's Museum


Children's Museum
Children's Museum
2121 Children's Museum Drive, Denver, CO 80211

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Apr 12 2023


4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Low-Sensory Evening at the Children’s Museum

We know the Museum can be a bit overwhelming for children with disabilities.

By limiting attendance and turning down some of the ambient Museum noise, we offer an enjoyable space for children with disabilities to play with their families. Admission is free for families of children with disabilities, and reservations are now open! Please email to reserve your space.


Feedback from families:

“It was… refreshing to be around so many people who “get us” and are empathetic of our needs, or don’t mind us, because they have their own struggles, and know we’re all in a similar boat!”

“They had SUCH fun today! They played nicely, didn’t get overwhelmed, and are excited to return. Everyone on staff is so kind and helpful.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for providing such a wonderful experience for Lily… I wish more places would do this.”

“My son won’t quit talking about it! It’s nice to go somewhere where we can be sure he won’t have a meltdown.”

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