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WOW! Children's Museum


WOW! Children's Museum
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WOW! Children's Museum
110 N. Harrison Avenue

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Feb 12 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sensory Friendly Playtime

For some children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders, a visit to a museum like WOW! is difficult or overstimulating. In 2015, we launched Sensory Friendly Playtime, a low-sensory event where children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders can explore the Museum without the noise, crowds, and stimulation of a typical day. We limit the number of families who can attend, turn down sounds and lights, and provide adaptive equipment such as noise-reducing headphones and weighted vests. When available, occupational therapists or physical therapists are on hand to help facilitate activities, provide resources, and answer questions.

Admission to Sensory Friendly Playtime is $1 per person thanks to WOW!’s donor-supported Play for All Initiative!

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