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What Mother’s Day is complete without fresh flowers and big smiles?

We were thrilled so many families made it to the PASCO Lakewood office for our Mother’s Day event!

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Dozens of people were able to take part in flower arranging and crafts. Families were able to choose the different pieces they wanted to put in their bouquets. Their options included different sizes, colors, and kinds of flowers and greenery. After the bouquets were made, the families were then able to paint the wooden holders that housed them.

Each family who walked away with a bouquet was able to take home something that was unique to them and was a creation of love from their children. No matter their age, children were able to give their moms a special mother’s day gift that allowed their one-of-a-kind personalities to shine through.

Along with beautiful arrangements, there were cards and picture frames available to decorate and paint. Each frame was a work of art with its own color palettes and thoughtful touches in mind.

It was great to see the PASCO office come to life with so many happy families taking part in this event! We are so grateful we were able to interact with all of you in person. Many stories were shared, memories were made, and gifts were created to honor each of the moms in our lives. We look forward to seeing everyone at the summer picnic and other events this year.

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