Older adults seeking to remain independent with support services will find reliability and comfort with PASCO. For more than 25 years, PASCO has supported individuals with home health and personal care services delivered in their own home, helping them thrive in the community while receiving consistent and high-quality care. Finding the right combination of eligible services and possiblities for support can be confusing and complex - PASCO provides an intake coordinator as a resource to determine the appropriate services for each individual situation. The information below outlines some primary groups of services that PASCO offers - please contact us to determine how PASCO services can fit your unique needs. For all services, PASCO staffs 24/7 on-call personnel, as well as back-up staff on standby to assist at critical moments to maintain the necessary level of care. Finally, PASCO provides a convenient electronic timekeeping system so that a care provider can log into a computer or walk through a telephone prompt to submit their timesheet.


Who Uses Long-term Support Services?

Seniors who have developed health issues and require regular support services in their home for everyday living are well-suited for the long-term services that PASCO provides. Some example of situations that are supported by PASCO:

  • Recurring medication administration by a nurse
  • Chronic illness like congestive heart failure or diabetes
  • Temporary or long-term disability requiring assistance with daily activities
  • Support services like a transfer to wheelchair, bathing, or toileting

Personal Care Services

PASCO provides assistance to seniors in their home in order to maintain required daily activities for their physical well-being. Adults older than age 65 are eligible for the Elderly, Blind, and Disabled (EBD) waiver, with a determination of significant functional impairment. There are financial considerations that also determine eligibility.

Personal care can include a variety of activities, including:

  • Grooming (skin, hair, mouth, and nail care)
  • Bathing, dressing, and feeding
  • Ambulation and exercise
  • Bladder and bowel care
  • Homemaking - if included with other eligible services

The full description of benefits can be reviewed at the Health First Colorado site.

The personal care benefit does not address short-term recovery from hospitalization or illness. Activities like vital sign maintenance - blood pressure, pulse, and respirations - are also not covered by this benefit. Finally, while the benefit does permit accompanying a client to appointments to assist with daily living tasks, transportation services are not included in the benefit.


Who will be delivering services?

Clients have an option of proposing a friend or relative to deliver personal care services. Eligible relatives include children, grandchildren over the age of 18, as well as friends or neighbors. Spouses are not permitted to provide personal care services under the EBD waiver, and family members are not permitted to provide homemaking services like meal preparation, shopping, and light housecleaning.

According to client preference, PASCO can provide staff, each of whom is trained to deliver compassionate, professional and reliable service. We also staff back-up service providers, in the event that the usual caregiver is unavailable. Feel free to contact a PASCO intake coordinator to discuss a solution that works best for you and your family.


Home Health Services

For older adults with advanced care situations, PASCO also provides long-term support services in the home. For health-related needs, there are options to provide staffing with a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who can perform skilled tasks like transfers to a wheelchair or bathing with chronic skin conditions. There are many daily living tasks that can be supported by a trained professional CNA, allowing clients to remain independent and in the community. Your care plan will be managed and reviewed by a nurse on regular basis.


Who will be delivering services?

Through Health First Colorado - Colorado's Medicaid provider - clients are eligible for CNA services as determined by a doctor's order. PASCO's nursing team will assess the level of skilled care required, including risk of falls and choking hazards. We will coordinate with your physician to develop a care plan and PASCO can provide a qualified CNA staff to visit the home on a regular basis to deliver the services. Alternately, the client can provide a family member, friend, or neighbor to become a CNA and provide the services as a PASCO employee, pending appropriate background checks and training requirements.

For individuals using the Elderly, Blind, and Disabled (EBD) waiver program, clients may access In-Home Support Services (IHSS). This program allows for an attendant chosen by the client (typically a friend or family member) to deliver services according to a care plan. Spouses, relatives, and friends are eligible to serve as an attendant through PASCO as the agency to deliver the care to the senior client. Through this program, certain skills can be observed and recorded by an attending nurse to avoid the need for specific licensing as a CNA, which can expedite the process for experienced family caregivers.


Skilled Nursing

Our team of experienced and skilled home health nurses (RN and LPN) will assess a prospective client and develop an individualized plan of care under the guidance of a physician. PASCO will collaborate with all members of your health care team support independent living. Skilled Nursing services provided by PASCO include:

  • Wound management
  • Medication set-up and management
  • Medication assistance
  • Insulin and other injections
  • Ostomy and catheter care
  • Management and evaluation of client care plan

If you, a relative or a friend is a senior in need of long-term support, please call (303) 233-3122 or fill out this form to speak with an Intake Coordinator who can guide you to the services that are right for your personal situation.