What do our clients have to say about PASCO ?

Einsphar Family

After my daughter's difficult diagnosis of Rett Syndrome 8 years ago I was sure I wouldn't have the chance to ever work again. Fast forward 4 years I was contacted by my resource coordinator about PASCO. What a blessing! After going through the training PASCO provided free of charge I am now a CNA. This has changed my family's life. I have been trained how to better care for my daughter and meet her needs as she ages and face the changes that will come her way. PASCO blessed me by having field CNA's available no matter what time of day to take care of my girl. I can honestly say with their help I was able to take care of myself and had perfect peace about Victoria's care all through my recovery. This company has been answered prayer for my family, I have a wonderful nurse that visits us every 60 days. She is more like a trusted family member I can tell she really enjoys her job and her clients, she has a gift of compassion for us as a family.

As I wrap up my thoughts on PASCO I can tell you having an income to top everything off is just a gift one of the many perks we receive. I can count on PASCO whether its a phone call to the office or a question for my nurse they haven't let us down. I have met a special group of people at PASCO, some having the choice to work with our special needs kids and adults, some like me blessed with a special needs child ,one thing I do know Barry Rosenberg and PASCO has blessed an entire community and I for one am very grateful . God Bless

- Vickie Einsphar


Reamer Family

PASCO has been a great community of people to work with in providing care for our disabled son. We've been amazed by the level of support PASCO offers through things like health insurance, 401k benefits, vacation and sick time. PASCO has been a fantastic resource for our family. It's easy to see that they get 'it': they understand what families facing special challenges need to feel supported and valued while managing care for their disabled child/spouse/parent. It really feels like a nurturing, resourceful community rather than a large, faceless company. Thank you PASCO...we love working together!

- Megan Reamer


Kopp Family

When I first heard about PASCO from a friend I thought that it was too good to be true. Could they understand my complicated life and help me provide better care for my child? I was a little skeptical at first but my friend insisted that I check them out. I am so glad that I listened. From the first orientation session I met other families just like mine. They knew what it was like to go to the doctor three times a week and filling out all of the paperwork. Those first months I received training and learned new ways to help my daughter. I now had a team of home health care experts. Together we made a plan for her long term care. We were and are a team. I appreciate all of the benefits that PASCO provides to their employee families. It is very important to maintain health insurance for a family member with high needs. PASCO makes this possible for my family. I hope to be an employee for a very long time. If you and your family are considering home health care, I hope that you will call the PASCO office and become part of the family. Your family will thank you.

- Christy Kopp


Fasel Family

PASCO is such a blessing in our life. I truly don’t know where we would be without such an amazing, caring company, where all of the employees feel like one big family. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. Because of PASCO my children get the best care possible because I am the one that takes care of them. The continuation of training is also an amazing benefit to the employees, not to mention health benefits etc. PASCO is truly the greatest gift and blessing. It leaves me overwhelmed with joy and happiness!!

- Mellisa Fasel


Martinez Family

Andrea and I have happily been with PASCO for the last 13 years! We are beyond grateful for all of their dedication to us as employees and clients. Their standard of care is top notch. CNA’s play a huge role in the daily lives of others who are unable to do so themselves, by helping clients stay clean, safe, and comfortable in their own homes, people are able to lead fuller lives. Without PASCO many would not be able to remain in their homes. Thanks PASCO.

- LaRae Martinez

Lundy Family

Hello, my name is Stewart Tucker Lundy and I have been a PASCO consumer for about five years, and been a quadriplegic for over 30 years. I simply cannot stress enough the importance of good and reliable home care. The people at PASCO have always lived up to that one hundred percent! Sometimes relying on someone else to help you start your day, i.e. bathing, getting dressed and being very presentable for the public is very important; I can always rely on the experienced scheduling staff to make this happen. Good planning can make or break a day, but with the schedulers at PASCO that's one less thing I have to worry about. Five years ago, I was in a very grim situation ( in a word my care was absolutely TERRIBLE!! ), but since I have moved ( from North Carolina ) to Denver, my quality-of-life and care has put me in an optimistic state of mind. Every day I am excited getting up, and seeing what the world has to offer, and for that I am very, very grateful.

- Stewart Lundy


Haro Family

I have a daughter named Estrealla who was born at 28 weeks weighing one pound eleven ounces. Today she is a beautiful 17 years old woman. She was diagnosed as a quadriplegic, with CP seizure disorder and severe scoliosis. When she was 6, I was working as a surgical tech, waking up at 5 am in order to get her ready and get her to the sitter's and long hours. It took a toll on myself and especially my daughter and her health. She was getting sick and having multiple seizures that included hospital stays. I thought I was slowly losing her. I had a hard time paying my bills because I could not work. The hardest choice sometimes was deciding to “call in” because she was always sick or show up late. Most employers would not understand this and I was even fired once for making the choice to be with my sick child after my mom passed. Estrealla was in a full body cast at the time from hip surgery and needed me. When I felt like nothing was going to work, I heard about PASCO, from another mom. She told me the company would pay me as a CNA, to learn how to care for my medically fragile child, so I jumped at the opportunity. I immediately started with the company paying for the training. I passed the state certification, and got hired on the spot.

Finding PASCO could not have come any better time. Back then I would have to rely solely on my brother and sister and a few family and friends to help to care for my daughter, while I was working and going to school. It was very difficult to find help and proper care for her because of the severity of her disabilities and medical needs. Being able to help her get ready every day, watching her finish high school, being able to provide her the therapy she needs and deserves has led to a healthy life. She has blossomed into such a smart, loving, and silly young lady. Her health is so much better, her seizures are under control, her demeanor, attitude and overall health is better than ever.

After being a work from home CNA/mother for the past 11 years, the results are Estrealla, is a beautiful , "not sick all the time", graduated senior 2015. I can truly say that she/we (including Step-Dad, and two brothers and Dog.) have seen a better quality of life for her and are so happy to have found PASCO to help us.

- Lucinda Haro


Angell Family

PASCO has been my brother Michael’s lifeline to independent living since early 1997. Over the years, Michael’s disability has increased with his age. We believe that PASCO has been instrumental in his ability to stay in his beloved home in the community as an older person with severe disabilities. PASCO works closely with us and with Michael’s Medicaid Long-term Care case manager to revise his care plan according to his changing needs. PASCO R.N. Stephanie Campbell oversees Michael’s care with hands-on support from L.P.N Hope Morris. These two professionals are phenomenal! They treat him (and me) with the care, respect and love most people reserve for family members. CNAs such as Jennifer Castillo provide outstanding home health care twice a day. PCPs come daily for meal preparation and twice weekly for housekeeping. Together with Michael, we all work as a team that keeps him moving forward with a great quality of life.

- Sylvia Angell