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PASCO Administrative Team Limerick Submissions

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The Submissions

“We PAR, so there for we are
Calculating units that are near and far
Sometimes it works out
Other times we shout
Why can't the units be right on this PAR?”

PARby Sandi

“Walk through barren aisles, so creepy
Zombie-like, dejected and sleepy
Where should I go next?
I'll send wifey a text
Where could I possibly find some more T.P.?”

COVIDby Adam

“Why is it such a hard task,
to put on a simple face mask?
Protecting your face,
Is not a disgrace
So please can you do what your asked?”

Masksby Annette

“Weatherman says it will snow
Three? Four? Five feet … we just do not know
Since we can't go to ski
I'll just warm up some tea
Let the kids brain rot playing Nintendo”

Snowby Adam

“Savii is acting up
I say your times sup
Steph please call
I’ve hit a brick wall
I’m going to go refill my cup”

Saviiby Tracy

“My brain can get pretty thinky
My teeth absently chew on my pinky
This fancy conceit
As I spin in my seat
Should I fall back to using a binky?”

Thinkyby Adam

“I could really use more sleep
it has been no help counting sheep
just lying there in bed
so many thoughts in my head
until my alarm starts to beep”

Counting Sheep at Bedtimeby Robert

“We work hard at PASCO
Some days are a fiasco
So we go to lunch
and munch and crunch
And use LOTS of Tabasco!!”

Lunchby Mary B.

“Auditing is my knack
Of detail I do not lack
If it’s proofing you need
You know I’ll succeed
It’s no errors that I want back”

Auditingby Becky

“AOI folks used to drive in to Dover
During COVID, the whole team moved over
When we meet face to face
And all share the same space
My wish'll come true from this clover 🍀”

Cloverby Adam

“Oh how I miss the hustle and bustle
Of connecting on ideas with a bit of tussle
Alas, all is not lost
Virtual meetings at no cost
Teamwork rebounds thanks to digital muscle”

Remote Workby Jason

“Of all the things
I like the swings
Way up in the sky
I can almost fly
It’s as if I have wings”

Flying at the Parkby Jamie

“I once drove from work in my car
Often made time to stop at the bar
Travel far no more
Just open my door
And have my pint straight from a jar”

Beer after workby Patrick

“I joined a new company and team
O what a delight it does seem
Great mission to mind
Awesome people to find
No doubt I am living the dream!”

Good Workby Patrick

“I work at a desk in my bedroom
Mixing personal and professional while on Zoom
I’ll tell you you’re on mute
If you don’t refute
That soon normal life will resume”

Zoom Roomby Robyn

“They keep saying wash your hands
Tired of all of the demands
It’s time for a vacation
With sparse population
Dreaming of the beautiful lands”

Enough with COVIDby Denise

“New clients abound in the funnel
More downpour than small little runnel
Growing our team
We're picking up steam
There's light at the end of the tunnel!”

Little Runnelby Christine

“The numbers I count
To get the right amount
The formulas aren’t complete
I have to hit delete
Now to do a recount”

Numbersby Jamie

“There once was a lass named Carol
Who drank orange soda by the barrel
Atop of a blanket
She drank and she drank it
Of iced tea she thought it unsterile”

Carolby Damian

“There once was a young man from Memphis
Who wasn’t the least bit pretentious
He rolled around
With his cute little hound
And at his job he was quite conscientious”

Memphisby Damian

“Shouting out a Friday Cheer
To all of those who want to hear
The work week is almost done
It’s time to have some fun
And chill out with our loved ones so dear”

Fridayby Annette

“There once was a mystic named Layne
Whose know-how was relatively arcane
With his beard all in knots
He guided the DOTS
And his manner was always urbane”

Layneby Damian

“Let's "slainte" to our friend Damian
Whose background is very bohemian
He's never on mute
And his pup's super cute
Of care and smiles he's not alien”

Damianby Christine

“There is a limerick contest
Where everyone wants to be the best
They're running out of time
To make up a good rhyme
Leaving them all quite stressed”

Stressby Robert

“Oh to win a banana saver
To protect all of its flavor
Something so sweet
For this nice little treat
Would be a really big favor”

Banana saverby Danielle M.

“There once were some Nurses at PASCO
They mostly refrained from tobacco
They got some rest
They did their best
They found themselves unstoppable”

Nursesby Tammy

“There was a banana without a keeper
He was getting several bruised features
She had it in her head
To make banana bread
He finally had to face the beaters”

Banana Breadby Tammy

“Annette’s rhyme made me want a beer
Where do I go from here
I don’t want to be home
Instead in a fishing dome
When I catch the big one, I’ll cheer”

Annette's rhymeby Stacy

“The weekend is near
Stacy wants a beer
We still have a few more hours
We are wrapping up with our superpowers
I can’t wait to cheer!”

Superpowerby Kara

“My son’s out picking up dog doo
Wishing he were through
He wants to work on leather
No break from the weather
He made his dog jump with a boo”

Dog Dooby Stacy

“At PASCO we have the best staff
With whom we always can laugh
We go out of our way
To make a great day
And do good on each other’s behalf”

PASCO Staffby Danielle M.

“We are part of your community
We can team together beautifully
PASCO provides care within your casa
If you didn’t know we are also a PASA
We Strive for Unity”

PASAby Kara

“Each week on the second workday
Is by far my most favorite I must say
Carrying a neat pile…
Knock, Knock to that smile
Chit chat and trade, then off I drive away”

Second Workdayby Cherie

“There once was a girl from Peru
Who slept peacefully in her canoe
The waves made her shake
Like she was in a quake
Then she woke up to a lost shoe”

Lost Shoeby Jess

“There once was a very tough year
We all still had to appear
When you need to TOOT
Be sure to mute
You wouldn’t want anyone to hear!”

Mute to Toot!by Tammy

“I order my grandson lunch online
If he would only eat leftovers we'd be fine
The idea makes him complain
I suddenly have a head full of pain
Jimmy John's is here and at last he dines”

Jimmy Johnsby Sandi

“What a sunny Friday
Maybe the day will go my way
Work day done
Time to run
Or in the office I will stay”

Work Day Doneby Mike K

“The year 2020 was a bust.
A better ‘21 is a must.
I’m done with TV.
I’m done with movies.
I need to get out to readjust.”

TV & Moviesby Leslee

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