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SLS Waiver Guide

The SLS waiver provides necessary services and supports for individuals 18 and older with intellectual or developmental disabilities so they can remain in their homes and communities.

Fostering Independence with the SLS Waiver

This waiver provides access to numerous benefits that allow adults to better integrate into the community and receive additional support for caregivers. Some of the primary benefits that PASCO serves under the SLS waiver are respite, community connector, mentorship, personal care, and homemaker services. These services allow caregivers to receive assistance and additional support for their loved one. Additionally, they allow your loved one to interact and expand on social skills with various individuals at home and in the community. The SLS waiver promotes choice, independence, and decision-making through individualized planning.

Key Benefits


Respite is the opportunity for a caregiver to take time for themselves, knowing that their loved one is well cared for by bringing in additional individuals trained to provide care. It can provide an avenue for individuals receiving care to experience new places and things, meet new people, and increase their independence. Respite providers are chosen by the recipient’s family and are paid for their services.

Supported Community Connections

Supported community connections helps individuals participate in typical public activities that build relationships and creates meaningful interactions within the community. Below are some examples of what Community Connector activities may look like:
• Going to a local cafe and encouraging the person to order their own drink
• Attending a social event, like a birthday party
• Going to the park and playing with or speaking to others

Homemaker Services

Homemaker services are provided in you and your loved one’s home and are allowed when an individual’s disability creates either a higher volume or more frequent need for household tasks. There are two types of homemaker services: basic and enhanced.

  • Basic homemaker services include cleaning, completing laundry, completing basic household care or maintenance within the client’s primary residence only in the areas where the individual frequents. Assistance may take the form of hands-on assistance including actually performing a task for the client, or cueing to prompt the client to perform a task.
  • Enhanced homemaker services include basic homemaker services with the addition of either procedures for habilitation, or procedures to perform extraordinary cleaning.
    • Habilitation services shall include instructing your loved one in performing basic household tasks including cleaning, laundry, and household care which may include some hands-on assistance or enhanced prompting and cueing.
    • Extraordinary cleaning are those tasks that are beyond routine sweeping, mopping, laundry or cleaning and require additional cleaning or sanitizing.


Mentorship services help promote self-advocacy. Methods include instructing, giving experiences, modeling, and advising. This service helps individuals interview potential providers, understand complicated health and safety issues, and serve on private and public boards, advisory groups, and commissions.

Personal Care

Personal Care services helps clients with daily tasks that they typically do for themselves but are unable to. Services may include skin, nail, hair and mouth care, bathing, shaving, dressing, eating, walking, exercise, transferring, positioning, toileting, and respiratory care

Home Modifications

Home Modifications are specific modifications, adaptations, or improvements in a client’s existing home setting which, based on the client’s medical condition are necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the client, and enable the client to function with greater independence in the home to prevent institutionalization of the client.

Qualifying for the SLS Waiver

Like all supplementary Medicaid waivers, there are certain parameters that individuals must meet in order to qualify. For the SLS waiver, individuals must be:

18 years of age or older

Determined to have a developmental disability by a Community Centered Board (CCB)

Able to live independently with limited supports or are already receiving increased support from natural supports, such as family or loved ones

Meeting financial criteria for Health First Colorado as well as Social Security’s definition of disability.

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PASCO’s SLS Services

We provide and maintain SLS services within our IDD department. PASCO is proud to provide people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities services for the successful achievement of goals—working together to encourage and promote greater independence.

Whether you are accessing services for the first time or are looking into options as your loved one transitions into adulthood, please contact us below for more information.

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