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Mr David and Caleb UPS Truck2

Mr. David & Caleb

Curiosity is met with kindness and kinship is formed. This is how we come to know Caleb and Mr. David. Mr. David is a gentle soul with a personal connection to raising a child with special needs.

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Alexis baby photo

Alexis’ Story

Alexis is a happy, compassionate, good-humored, and loving individual who isn’t afraid to smile and say hi to everyone he sees. He loves music, but not sad music, it must be happy music to get Alexis to sing and dance. He loves to play with his favorite ball, loves his brother’s dog, and especially loves it when his parents sing happy songs to him. Alexis also loves to be the center of attention and he is sure to let everyone know when he feels he is not receiving the attention he deserves. Most importantly, his parents are the world to him and he shows his appreciation to mom and dad by snuggling his cheek to their cheeks.

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Tyler Wesley Picnic

Tyler’s Story

My name is Tyler Wesley, I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and grew up to be a pretty active and outgoing young boy. I have an older sister named Asia and the loveliest and sweetest mom anyone could possibly meet. I truly am very lucky and fortunate to call this woman my mother. Growing up I was a big soccer player and dedicated everything I had to that sport because I loved it that much. Making the varsity soccer team as a freshman at my high school was such a huge accomplishment for myself and my future. I always wanted, and knew, that I would become a professional soccer player ever since I was 4 years old. Unfortunately, the unexpected happened I was involved in a rollover accident on May 20th, 2012 at the age of 15 the end of my sophomore year in high school that left me with a broken neck and breaking my C-4 vertebrae, and being paralyzed from the shoulders down resulting with me having a spinal cord injury and being a quadriplegic. My life would forever change in a matter of seconds.

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Shawntae’s Story

I currently care for my Grandmother thanks to PASCO’s In-Home Support Services (IHSS) Program. Prior to coming to PASCO, my Grandmother was placed into a facility due to her age-related needs. Shortly after her placement, Grandma was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. My husband and I immediately flew down to see her and were appalled to see the conditions she was living in. My Grandma was one of 50 patients cared for by only two CNAs. She was completely neglected; her health had deteriorated at a rate I didn’t think was possible. My dear Grandma means the world to me and my family, yet at this facility she was insignificant.

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Harrisons Story wordcloud 3

Harrison’s Story

Hi. My name is Meghan and I am one of the four family caregivers who are employed by PASCO to care for my younger brother, Harrison. I’ve recently been told by some very nice people at PASCO that our situation is unique in that not only are Harrison’s parents (mom and step-dad) employed to care for him, but he has siblings who are very involved in his care as well. It was suggested that by sharing a little of our story, we could possibly help others in similar situations who might not know about the caregiver services and employment PASCO provides to families like mine. PASCO has been a huge blessing to us, so I would love if my family’s story could bring other families and PASCO together.

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tylor 1

Tylor's Story

My name is Tylor, and on August 21, 2017, my life changed. Before this happened I was a Glazier, a Glazier is a person who installs Windows, I worked for a company that worked on all the glass for commercial buildings. The last job I was on was the Country Club Towers in Cherry Creek. Although this was a very dangerous job I absolutely loved it, being on the edge of a building 300 feet in the air installing glass was an adrenaline rush. Another passion I have is basketball, I played in a rec league for the past four years, I wasn’t the best but I loved being out there. I have a six-year-old son who loves to keep me busy, one of his favorite things to do is hiking. I’m pretty sure that we have hiked every trail in Red Rocks and it is a beautiful place. And through my new journey, I will continue to find ways to do the things that I love.

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angel 1

Sylvia & Michael’s

PASCO has been my brother Michael’s lifeline to independent living since early 1997. Over the years, Michael’s disability has increased with his age. We believe that PASCO has been instrumental in his ability to stay in his beloved home in the community as an older person with severe disabilities. PASCO works closely with us and with Michael’s Medicaid Long-term Care case manager to revise his care plan according to his changing needs. PASCO R.N. Stephanie Campbell oversees Michael’s care with hands-on support from L.P.N Hope Morris. These two professionals are phenomenal! They treat him (and me) with the care, respect and love most people reserve for family members. CNAs such as Jennifer Castillo provide outstanding home health care twice a day. PCPs come daily for meal preparation and twice weekly for housekeeping. Together with Michael, we all work as a team that keeps him moving forward with a great quality of life.
LaRae 1

LaRae’s Story

Andrea and I have happily been with PASCO for the last 13 years! We are beyond grateful for all of their dedication to us as employees and clients. Their standard of care is top notch. CNA’s play a huge role in the daily lives of others who are unable to do so themselves, by helping clients stay clean, safe, and comfortable in their own homes, people are able to lead fuller lives. Without PASCO many would not be able to remain in their homes. Thanks PASCO.
melisa 1

Melissa's Story

PASCO is such a blessing in our life. I truly don’t know where we would be without such an amazing, caring company, where all of the employees feel like one big family. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. Because of PASCO my children get the best care possible because I am the one that takes care of them. The continuation of training is also an amazing benefit to the employees, not to mention health benefits etc. PASCO is truly the greatest gift and blessing. It leaves me overwhelmed with joy and happiness!!
stewart 1

Stewart's Story

Hello, my name is Stewart Tucker Lundy and I have been a PASCO consumer for about five years and been a quadriplegic for over 30 years. I simply cannot stress enough the importance of good and reliable home care. The people at PASCO have always lived up to that one hundred percent! Sometimes relying on someone else to help you start your day, i.e. bathing, getting dressed and being very presentable for the public is very important; I can always rely on the experienced scheduling staff to make this happen. Good planning can make or break a day, but with the schedulers at PASCO that's one less thing I have to worry about. Five years ago, I was in a very grim situation (in a word my care was absolutely TERRIBLE!!), but since I have moved (from North Carolina) to Denver, my quality-of-life and care has put me in an optimistic state of mind. Every day I am excited getting up, and seeing what the world has to offer, and for that I am very, very grateful.
Christy 3

Christy's Story

When I first heard about PASCO from a friend I thought that it was too good to be true. Could they understand my complicated life and help me provide better care for my child? I was a little skeptical at first, but my friend insisted that I check them out. I am so glad that I listened. From the first orientation session I met other families just like mine. They knew what it was like to go to the doctor three times a week and filling out all of the paperwork. Those first months I received training and learned new ways to help my daughter. I now had a team of home health care experts. Together we made a plan for her long-term care. We were and are a team. I appreciate all of the benefits that PASCO provides to their employee families. It is very important to maintain health insurance for a family member with high needs. PASCO makes this possible for my family. I hope to be an employee for a very long time. If you and your family are considering home health care, I hope that you will call the PASCO office and become part of the family. Your family will thank you.