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Private Duty Nursing

Bringing compassionate care and comprehensive services for your loved one with high-level needs.

What is Private Duty Nursing (PDN)?

Private Duty Nursing is a program that brings continuous, high-level care to individuals with disabilities. With this program, you or another family member, who is already a certified RN or LPN, provides in-home, expanded services and support to their loved one.

PASCO’s Family PDN Services Include:

Oversight and evaluation of plan of care

Client or family health management training

Medication education and management

Intravenous therapy and care

Wound care

Home safety education

Enteral feeding support

Ostomy care

Catheter care

+ More

Qualifying for PDN Services

The individual receiving services must:

Require continuous skilled nursing services and assessment

Must be technology dependent

  • Examples include respirators, BiPAP machines, continuous tube feedings run on a pump, etc.

Are able to be safely served in their home

Have an available caregiver who is already a licensed LPN or RN

Join the PASCO Family

PASCO’s PDN program brings specialized services that prioritize personalized care for your loved one in the comfort of their home. If you or a family member are a current LPN or RN and are interested in providing these services for your loved one, or have any questions about our Family PDN program, please contact us today. We’re here to support you.

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