Honoring our PASCO Nurses

Turning the spotlight on some of our amazing Nurses

Learn more about what inspires our registered nurses and what led them into this compassionate field and why they have decided to call PASCO home.

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Nurse Spotlight Jenny

Jenny's Story


Everyone’s career trajectories have a story behind them, a unique experience that transcends their resume and cover letter. Our PASCO Nurse Jenny Jordan, RN, is no exception. When she is not working with PASCO (going on 10+ years) you can find her as a school nurse over at Fletcher Miller, a school for special learners.

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Jade Weinstein

Jade’s Story


Jade, an artist-turned-nurse, studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design prior to working for an insurance brokerage firm. Sitting in a cubicle behind a computer for the rest of her life did not appeal to her artistic impulses. Unexpectedly but not surprisingly, her artistic insight would ultimately translate innately into a career of compassion and connection through nursing. Much like art, nursing requires a high level of adaptability, creativity, and the ability to share in the wonders of this world.

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June's Story


In becoming a nurse, numbers and statistics are essential in helping treat a patient’s pain or discomfort as they heal. June Lamb’s experience as a nurse has become a shared experience with her patients, a spiritual journey through the trials and tribulations of life. This perspective is not learned, but attained through her own experiences.

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