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G-Tube Training Videos

Want to learn the basics of G-Tube care? We are here to help! Gastrostomy Tubes (G-Tubes), Jejunostomy Tubes (J-Tubes), and Gastro-Jejunostomy Tubes (GJ-Tubes) are tools used to help children in…
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IEP Goals, Objectives and Data Collection

What exactly are goals? Goals must be measurable. Bottom line. They cannot be an abstract concept. Goals must be something concrete and measurable. They also need to be specific. If…
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Bowel Programs for Incontinence, Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries (Training Video and Guide)

Establishing a daily bowel program can be invaluable for those who have suffered a spinal cord injury, nerve damage, or brain injury. It’s recommended to consult with your health care…
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Signs of Aging Parents (Training Video and Guide)

 It’s not always easy to recognize changes in an older adult’s behavior, especially if you don’t live close by or see them on a frequent basis. There are warning signs,…
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Spoon Feeding Techniques (Training Video & Guide)

Sit next to the child or adult, and wait to see if they pick up the spoon by themselves Make sure their thumb is separated from the fingers and wrapped…
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Developmental Milestones From Birth To Age 3 (Training Video and Guide)

When it comes to a child’s development, it’s important to remember that every child is unique — and that each child’s growth and learning rates may differ slightly from other…
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Behavior Plans & How They Relate to the IEP

What is a behavior plan? A behavior plan, or behavior intervention plan, commonly referred to as a BIP, is used to document positive behavior, interventions, supports, and strategies to address…
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Sponge Bathing an Individual With a Mobility Impairment (Training Video & Guide)

If you are a caregiver for someone who is recovering from surgery or injury or who is permanently disabled, it’s necessary to prepare yourself for challenges when it comes to…
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Bathing an Individual with a Mobility Impairment (Training Video & Guide)

Bathing, due to its level of physical activity, can be especially challenging. To help reduce anxiety and the risk of falls, as a caregiver it’s prudent to create a plan…
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How to Perform Adult CPR – Hands Only Method (Training Video & Guide)

There are two forms of adult CPR — hands-only, which is chest compressions only, and chest compressions with breaths. If you see an adult who suddenly collapsed and they are…
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How to Perform Adult CPR Using Compressions With Breaths (Training Video & Guide)

Since this method involves mouth-to-mouth contact, it is recommended for only those who need CPR that are in your family. We’d recommend taking a CPR certification course to become confident…
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How to Perform Infant or Child CPR (Training Video & Guide)

This guide is for how to perform infant CPR (under 1 year old) and child CPR (1 year to puberty). If you see that a child or infant is unresponsive…
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The Different Types of IEP Meetings

Initial IEP Meeting The initial IEP meeting is the first meeting you’ll have to discuss the needs of the child. You will only have one initial IEP meeting. In this…
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What Is IEP Eligibility And What Are Evaluations?

IEP, in terms of eligibility, is based on a series of evaluations. You will typically meet with a multidisciplinary team which is made up of teachers, administrators, parents, the student,…
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What is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

What are FAPE, LRE & IDEA? FAPE is the Free and Appropriate Public Education. LRE is the Least Restrictive Environment. If you hear these acronyms being thrown around, they really…
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Dispelling a Myth about Medicaid (Video)

Dispelling a Myth of Medicaid Runtime: 1:01There's often a misconception of Medicaid and a stigma that goes along with being on Medicaid, which is that this program isn't for me.…
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Medicaid & Home Health Presentation (Video)

Join us for an overview of Health First Colorado Medicaid with a focus on how to access long-term services and supports. In this recorded presentation, we will dive into: A…
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IEP Roundtable Discussion (Video)

Knowing the frustrations our families are facing regarding IEPs during the time of COVID, PASCO brought together various advocacy and education community partners to go over what Individualized Education Programs…
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Bed to Wheelchair Transfer (Training Video & Guide)

Learn how to properly perform a Bed to Wheelchair Transfer. Training video, outlined steps, and downloadable guide included.
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Getting to Know How to Use a Hoyer Lift

Get familiar with a Hoyer lift and u-sling and all of the parts.
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Slide Board Transfer Steps (Training Video & Guide)

Learn how to properly perform a wheelchair to Slide Board Transfer. The training video, outlined steps, and downloadable guide included.
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Wheelchair to Bathtub Bench Transfer (Training Video & Guide)

As with any transfer, the environment must be set up properly beforehand. Be sure to remove any potential tripping hazards and make sure the transfer bench is dry, level, and…
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Wheelchair to Toilet Transfer (Training Video & Guide)

Learn how to properly perform a wheelchair to a car transfer through this video, online guide, and downloadable training guide. This particular transfer often requires the individual’s assistance, so clear…
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Wheelchair to Car Transfer (Training Video & Guide)

Learn how to properly perform a wheelchair to a car transfer through this video, online guide, and downloadable training guide. This particular transfer often requires the individual’s assistance, so clear…
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Resiliency for Caregivers (Video & Worksheet)

Take this moment to focus on someone you don’t always have to time for…Yourself. As caregivers we often forget we need care too.
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Transitioning to Adult Waivers (Video Presentation)

This presentation focuses on Transitioning to Adult Waivers and its aim is to provide caregivers with the resources and knowledge regarding the eligibility criteria when transitioning from children’s waivers to…
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Transition into Adulthood: Colorado Medicaid Waiver Comparison Guide

EBD WAIVER Elderly, Blind and Disabled The EBD waiver provides assistance to individuals who are 65 and older and have a functional impairment and individuals who are 18 and older…
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What to do if you lose your Medicaid eligibility?

Medicaid eligibility is determined by the following ways Functional Needs Assessment (this applies to HCBS waivers) Every 12 months the case manager is required to perform a functional needs assessment…
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Transition into Adulthood: The Basics

Believe it or not, transition planning can begin as early as 14! Transition can be a complicated process, however, starting the discussion early and knowing your options is the key…
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Guardianship Overview (Video)

Guardianship in Colorado In this video, Chris Brock, Managing Attorney of CCDC Probate Power, explores important concepts such as: The guardianship process The basic requirements of filing for guardianship in…
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The Basics of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

5-part TALKS conversation series from THINK+change Courtesy of  THINK+change with support from Developmental Pathways, PASCO, and The Arc of Aurora.   Students with developmental disabilities in special education have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). …