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A topical podcast that dives into issues, resources, ideas, culture, and personal stories pertaining to Colorado’s dynamic disability community. Hosted by longtime ally and advocate Damian Rosenberg.



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Episode 3 – Chris Brock

In this episode of Disability Deep Dives Chris Brock, the Managing Attorney of Probate Power for CCDC (Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition) speaks to his journey through law school, his accident, and…
September 3, 2021
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Episode 2 – Christy Kopp

Christy Kopp joins us to discuss how she learned to navigate the complexities of raising a child with special needs and how her daughter inspired her to start the non-profit…
April 30, 2021
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Episode 1 – Tyler Wesley

In this inaugural episode of Disability Deep Dives, we are joined by Tyler Wesley, who is known as an influencer and inspirational speaker in the disability community. Tyler speaks about…
March 18, 2021