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Caregiver Referral Program

Although programs like Family Caregiving have been available in Colorado since 2001 thanks in part to PASCO founder Barry Rosenberg, many families that would benefit from this program simply do not know it is an option for their own unique situations. These families and their loved ones could access comprehensive Medicaid-based services within our IHSS, Family CNA, IDD, and Pediatric Personal Care programs, all backed by PASCO’s longstanding advocacy work and support.

Submit a Referral

As a PASCO employee, you can help families in need of services (and earn some extra cash along the way!).

For each caregiver that is referred to PASCO using the form here, we will provide $100 as a thank you for spreading the word about us and our programs to those who could benefit.

Providing Compassionate Care to More Colorado Families

Our mission since our founding has been to ensure that individuals with disabilities and their loved ones receive the care, resources, and support they deserve. This program allows more and more Colorado families to have awareness and access to these benefits that they may already qualify for.

As a PASCO caregiver, you know firsthand how this program has impacted you and your loved one. You may already be a longtime PASCO advocate dispelling myths in Facebook groups or educating others about the benefits of these programs. You may be new to PASCO and are still navigating the complexities of Medicaid, but feel you have the support your family needs with PASCO. You may have left PASCO only to come back after a disappointing experience elsewhere.

All of these experiences help shape your opinion and can help guide others as they navigate the complex realm of caregiving. This is why we want to honor your efforts with a monetary token of gratitude for the amazing advocacy work you may already do.

Submitting the Form

When filling out the referral, please make sure to enter your (the referrer) information and select “YES” in the “Are you a current PASCO employee (caregiver)?” box.

This is how we will be able to track and monitor employee referrals and allows you to be rewarded for your support.

Submit a Referral
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Submit a Referral

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    If you have any questions about our new program, please reach out to our PASCO Support team at

    Thank you for helping us help more amazing caregivers! We couldn’t do it without you!