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Providing Choice Advocacy Care Support to our Nation's Veterans

PASCO Veterans Care is designed to meet the needs of veterans and their spouses requiring additional support in their daily lives, ensuring that those who served our country receive the assistance and comprehensive care they deserve.

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PASCO Veterans Care

Our Veterans Care program aims to enhance the quality of life of Colorado’s disabled veterans and their spouses by offering personalized supports and services for their daily care needs. This assistance allows veterans to receive comprehensive care that aligns with their unique preferences, needs, and care plans.

PASCO has been empowering independence for Colorado’s disability community since 1992, and is honored to expand our services to even more individuals through the Aid and Attendance Program for veterans.

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Independence and Choice
Through the Aid and Attendance Program

The cost of getting personal care support can be difficult to manage. Did you know the VA offers a pension benefit for eligible veterans and their spouses that pays for support with activities of daily living (ADLs)?

This program, called Aid and Attendance, allows you to choose your own caregiver to assist you with your daily care needs in the comfort of your own home. If eligible, your VA pension could pay for 14-21 hours of personal care and homemaking services per week.

Veterans and their spouses may qualify if they need assistance with any of the following:

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Nail Care
icons8 skin 100 (1)
Skin Care
icons8 car 100
Transportation + Errands
icons8 hair 100 (1)
Hair Care
icons8 clothes 100 (1)
icons8 wheelchair 100 (1)
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icons8 fork 100 (1)
icons8 clean 100
Light Housekeeping
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icons8 meal 100
Meal Preparation
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PASCO Services – Providing Choice

The Aid and Attendance program is a useful alternative for individuals who do not qualify for or are not interested in receiving Medicaid services. This pension program has the ability to provide coverage for crucial caregiving expenses without having to become a Medicaid recipient. Whether it be through our Medicaid services or through the Aid and Attendance program, our PASCO team works hard to guarantee that every veteran receives the support they require through All Ages and Stages.

Who Qualifies for Aid and Attendance Services?

Veterans who:

  • Served for 90 days of active duty OR 1 day during a time of war
  • Are age 65 or older OR currently receiving SSDI if under 65
  • Demonstrate a need for assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)*
  • Cost of current care exceeds monthly income
    * need for assistance does not need the be the result of an injury during service

Spouses of qualifying veterans may also qualify for this program.

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