How to Become a CNA at PASCO

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Becoming a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant can be a difficult task. While they’re not required to hold a college degree, they do need to have extensive training. This usually results in a certificate or diploma. 

CNA Credentials are issued out by the state you’re getting certified in, and as such, each individual state may have differing requirements for the certification process. 

Upon successful completion of CNA training, you will be required to take an exam consisting of two parts. One is a written portion, and the other a practical part.

What do Certified Nursing Assistants do?

Certified nursing assistants work under a nursing professional. In many settings, they care for patients who are ill, disabled, injured, or infirm. A CNA will take care and perform a variety of the basic tasks included in the care of these patients.

How long does it take to become a CNA?

The time it takes to become a CNA can often depend on the student’s dedication to learning the program. In Colorado, you can typically expect around 70 hours of time in a classroom and 20 hours of training in a clinic. This balance ensures you as a student are able to apply classroom learnings to clinical scenarios.

Can a family member get paid to be a caregiver?

Yes – absolutely! See below for information on how to get started.

Receive pay for the care you are already providing to your loved one through PASCO’s Family CNA program.

Here’s how it works:

1. Intake and Application

The first step of the process is connecting with our Intake team to learn about the Family CNA program and completing the online application.

  • The application can be completed in approximately 10–15 minutes.

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2. TB Test / Meet and Greet

The TB Test and PASCO Meet & Greet is the second step in the process

  • An in-person appointment where we can discuss the entire process, identify the most appropriate partner CNA School and perform a TB test.

3. School Enrollment

Enrollment in one of PASCO’s partner CNA Schools.

  • Most schools complete their applications in person, where the admissions officer can discuss the scholastic plan and course schedule with the incoming student.

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4. CNA School

Attend one of our partner CNA Schools throughout the state.

  • Most Colorado CNA schools involve approximately 70 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of clinical training in a nursing home.

5. CNA Exam

Completing the Colorado State CNA Exam managed through Pearson Vue

  • The intake nurse does a final intake and submits paperwork to the State of Colorado. This is the step where the State provides the final approval for the number of hours paid and finalizes your client’s care plan.

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6. PASCO Training

This step involves completing three PASCO training courses while waiting to take your State Exam.

  • New-Hire Orientation, Skills Training, and CPR/First Aid Training.

7. Start of Care ($$$)

With the approval in hand, we build you a schedule!

  • Benefits: Annual bonuses, Health/Dental/Vision Insurance, free life insurance, vacation, sick leave, 10x Federal Holidays, advances, profit sharing 401k
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The Benefits of Working at PASCO

Paid Training & Recertification

Excellent Health Insurance

Paid Mileage & Travel Time

5x a Year Bonus

Paid Sick, Vacation & Holiday

Paid Overtime

1.5x Holiday Pay

Profit Sharing

24/7 Access to RN Support

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