We believe families are the best caregivers

PASCO has been providing care since 1992. In 2001 our founder Barry Rosenberg advocated alongside families and Colorado lawmakers to establish a program that allows family members to be paid to deliver care to their loved ones. The Family Caregiver Program continues to help families all over Colorado.

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There are Four ways that the Family Caregiver Program can work for you:

Family Member as CNA

Eligible family members can become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and be paid as a PASCO employee to provide care to their loved one.

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In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

Through PASCO’s nurse’s skill validation, you can bypass CNA school and provide qualifying support services at a CNA level and above.

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Pediatric Personal Care (PPC)

This program provides much-needed relief for a parent and an extra set of hands in the home, so you can spend more time on yourself or other family members.

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Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

There are two waivers provided by Health First Colorado (Medicaid) that allows an individual to stay in their home and have a family member or non-related person become a paid provider to implement services as a Direct Service Provider.

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In-Home Caregiver

An in-home caregiver is someone that provides in home support and services for those in need. Usually this is done through a variety of means such as being a CNA, or using IHSS; Or other Colorado Medicaid services. 

All of these are great options for home caregivers taking care of their loved ones. Though it might interest you to know a bit more into the details of what a caregiver is. When taking a deeper look at in-home caregiving as a career, the most common choice is becoming a CNA.

A CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is a staff member under a licensed nurse that helps take care of and perform daily tasks in assisting those in need. These tasks often require in-home caregiving. 

IHSS and Colorado Medicaid services usually use CNAs and Nurses to provide the in-home care needed for family members or loved ones who need daily upkeep and care.


CNAs, IHSS, PPC, and DSP professionals are entitled to benefits which may include:

Paid Training & Recertification

Excellent Health Insurance

Paid Mileage & Travel Time

5x a Year Bonus

Paid Sick, Vacation & Holiday

Paid Overtime

1.5x Holiday Pay

24/7 Access to RN Support

and More!

Our experienced intake team will guide you to the best option for your family

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