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Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

We provide individualized service and support for adults or children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, including navigating the transition into adulthood.

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From childhood into adulthood, PASCO provides support that increases long-term community engagement and independence

As a Health First Colorado (Medicaid) Program Approved Service Provider (PASA), our services focus on the quality of life and choice with PASCO as an advocate and advisor. Clients gain greater control over their own life with an Individualized Service and Support Plan.

Experienced PASCO staff guide you through waiver eligibility decisions based on the level of support, age, and financial considerations.

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Who we Serve

PASCO provides people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities services for the successful achievement of goals—working together to share support in a manner that encourages and promotes greater independence.

PASCO provides IDD services to those on these Health First Colorado Home and Community-Based Services (Medicaid) Waivers:


The Developmental Disabilities (DD) waiver provides 24/7 residential support and supervision for adult individuals (18+) who live with members of their family, as well as Day Habilitation services in a 1-on-1 setting.


The Supported Living Services (SLS) waiver for adults (18+) with developmental disabilities is available to supplement individuals who are principally supported by their friends or family members. Including such services as community inclusion, mentorship, personal care, and more.


The Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Waiver helps children and families by providing services and support that establish a long-term foundation for community inclusion as they transition into adulthood.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Here at PASCO we strive to help those with intellectual or developmental disabilities and we do so in a variety of ways. Our DD  (Developmental Disability) Waiver services provide support and supervision for those who live with family members as well as day habilitation services.

Our SLS (Supported Living Services) Waiver services provide support for adults with developmental disabilities who are principally supported by their friends or family members and include community inclusion, mentorship, personal care, and more.

Service and Supports Provided


Cleaning, Laundry, Household Care, Meal Preparation / Cooking, Extensive Cleaning as required for behavior or medical necessity

Community Connector

Support for the individual to fully engage in typical community activities

Day Habilitation Supported Community Connections (SCC)

Provides a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and natural support systems in the community while utilizing the community as a learning tool


Provided to support self-advocacy through instructing, experiences modeling, and advising

Personal Care

A range of assistance to enable the individual to accomplish tasks or activity of daily living such as hygiene, bathing, eating, dressing, money management, shopping, cleaning, + more

Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS)

Create a supportive environment for your adult child with family and agency provided service providers to improve self-care and independence


Allows parents / primary caregiver to rest and re-energize