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PASCO Carewatch Training

Learn how to comply with the Colorado Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirement using the Carewatch telephony system

Call into Carewatch

Call 1-877-890-3557 from the Client’s phone.

Log Visit Arrival

Follow the voice prompts on the phone.


Provide Care

Provide the care tasks to the client

Log Visit Departure

Call 1-877-890-3557 from the Client’s phone and follow the voice prompts.

Step 1: Log-in to Carewatch

  1. Call 1-877-890-3557 from the client’s phone
  2. Enter “1” for English or “2” for Spanish
  3. Enter your Employee ID number followed by the “#” sign
  4. Enter your password followed by the “#” sign

Call or email PASCO Support if you don’t know your employee ID or password

Step 2: Log Visit Arrival

  1. Follow log-in directions in step 1
  2. Enter “1” for arrival
  3. The system will read you the current time
  4. Enter “10” for the visit reason
  5. Enter “1” if the correct client is named or press “2” for another client
  6. Enter “1” to confirm or “*” to return to the previous

Step 3: Log Visit Departure (after care has been provided)

  1. Follow log-In directions In step 1.
  2. Enter “2” for departure
  3. Enter “1” after the system states the current time.
  4. You will be asked to confirm services rendered using the phone number keys:
    “1” = Performed (completed)
    “2” = Refused (client refused)
    “3” = Not required (Use this only if it needs to be removed from the care plan)
  5. Enter “1” to confirm or “*” to return to the previous menu

Important Tips to Remember

  1. Call from your client’s phone for arrivals and departures
  2. If multiple visits are scheduled for the client, select the correct visit from the menu
  3. Other phone keys to know about the phone’s main menu:
    • Enter “3” to hear the care plan
    • Enter “4” to change your password
    • The “*” functions like a “go back to previous menu” key
  4. The visit reason is ALWAYS “10”
  5. Avoid simple mistakes by listening to the prompts and taking your time
  6. Contact PASCO Support at (303)233-3122 or if you encounter any issues, including:
    • The Carewatch line is busy after three attempts.
    • Your stated arrival and/or departure time is incorrect.
    • The patient care plan is incorrect.
    • You are asked for a patient ID. This means you are not calling from the client’s phone of record and PASCO may need to update the record, or you need to ensure you call from the correct phone.

Watch the Training Video

Follow along with us through this informative video of how to use Carewatch.

Vea el video de capacitación en español

Download the Training Guide

Download the Carewatch Guide

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