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Grace Conner

Grace Conner

Grace’s Story

Grace started her healthcare journey early in her life. Even before she graduated high school she knew that this was the compassionate path for her. Once she turned 18 years old and was able to work in healthcare, she jumped at the opportunity. This journey eventually brought Grace to Colorado and into the PASCO family in 2014.


Path into Nursing

Grace’s story began in Africa. Growing up, she dreamed of experiencing and living in other countries. Her brother helped her realize this dream when he guided her on her journey to the US in 1999. After working retail and food-related jobs, she realized that those industries were not a good fit for her passions. She discovered the world of healthcare and knew that she had found her calling. After graduating high school, Grace began working in a nursing home in Washington. While she loved the individuals she cared for, she realized that the nursing home environment was not a fit for her.  With her CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) certification earned and new opportunities ahead, Grace found the home health industry and never looked back.

Compassionate Care

Grace possesses one of the most important skills a nurse should have – compassion. During her time as a CNA, some of her most memorable experiences have involved sharing and hearing stories from the individuals she sees. “I will never forget those stories – they are so touching and while some stories are truly heartbreaking, it makes me grateful that I am there to provide care and help people who truly need me,” she says. These stories help drive her desire to provide the best assistance and care for the families she works with. It is these personal connections that truly motivate Grace. One of the things that drives her most is knowing that there is a reciprocated sense of reliance and trust between the caregiver and the person receiving care. Grace appreciates knowing that she is helping others and that they lean on her to be there for them. That feeling of trust between her and those she cares for puts her in what she describes as a “let’s go” mentality – she wants to go all in and do everything she can for those who need her.



When Grace is not providing outstanding care for families, she continues to stay busy. Grace finds that idling in place is not where she finds comfort. She is comforted knowing that as long as she did a good job and did it right she can find peace. 


This sense of peace can come in many different forms. Professionally, she knows that she has done a good job when she sees the smiling faces of those she cares for. Personally, that sense of accomplishment looks a bit different. When she is not providing top-tier care at work, Grace is tending to her lovely garden at home. She grows all sorts of flowers, fruits and vegetables, all carefully tended to by Grace. Successful gardens require a lot of close attention, care and patience, all things which Grace excels at in all aspects of her life. Grace says that gardening is like therapy – the calm, slower pace of the activity helps her immensely with stress relief. One thing Grace is most proud of throughout her career is the patience that she has learned to possess along the way. This skill has been one that has not only benefited her professionally but personally as well.  

When she is not spending time in her garden, Grace loves to spend time with her family. One of her favorite things about PASCO is the flexibility that her job provides to allow her to have that time with her loved ones. Grace, her spouse and her 5-year-old daughter love to travel to new places together but also enjoy some more relaxed activities like settling in for a movie as a family. 

We are so appreciative of the hard work, dedication and love that Grace puts into her job every day. The commitment she makes to those she cares for exemplifies what it means to be a part of the PASCO family.