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A care-matching web application designed to link those in need of care with trained and qualified respite providers

Our goal is to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the highest quality of care while also providing a much-needed respite for their main caregivers. With our easy-to-use platform, caregivers can quickly and easily find respite care providers who are qualified, experienced, and individually trained to your loved one’s unique needs.
Have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is well cared for, while you take a well-deserved break.

A respite care application, designed to provide a much-needed break for caregivers. Caring for loved ones with disabilities can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be physically and emotionally draining. When you are pouring from an empty cup, you are more likely to experience caregiver burnout. This is where our application comes in.

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For PASCO Families

Created by PASCO, for our Families, to help our clients find respite providers easier and faster, on their terms. PASCO CareMatch™ will use preferences and location to match with interested and available care providers. This application will strengthen and grow the PASCO Community, caring for one another.

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About Respite Care

  • Respite means to give relief or break. Being a full-time caregiver for a loved one with a disability is extremely rewarding, but also can be incredibly challenging.
  • Respite care can be used for short-term or long-term occasions, one-time or recurring visits.
  • Respite care is important as it can increase caregiver happiness, reduce caregiver burnout, and provide the client with a little variety while still getting all their needs met.

Respite Providers Near You

  • It can be hard to find providers in your area with the availability you are asking for. This application will help facilitate the process of searching for available caregivers in your area.

A Reliable and Efficient Solution

  • With PASCO CareMatch™, we intend to provide access to Respite services to many more individuals on their terms. Individuals seeking respite will be able to create profiles and match with caregivers who have already been background checked, vetted, and trained by PASCO at no cost to them.

How PASCO CareMatch™ Works

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Get Registered + Create Profile

Once the app is launched, you may sign up as either a care provider or a client looking to receive care.

  • If you are not a current care provider employee at PASCO, we will work to get you vetted, trained, and onboarded to provide care
  • If the recipient of care is not currently on Colorado Medicaid, our Intake Team can help! Contact or call (303) 233-3122
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Explore Available Options 

Once registered, you will be able to see available care options in your area. Our matching system uses user’s provided data to capture frequency, availability, location, and type of care to match with similar requests from providers. Based on the job posting, qualified providers that match these preferences will be able to view jobs and determine interest in applying.

  • For added convenience, you may easily filter by frequency, start dates, days of the week, times, distance, and type of care in your searches
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It’s a Match!

  • For those seeking care, PASCO CareMatch™ includes the ability to view applicants, schedule interviews, archive applications, and view matches with providers that have accepted a job posting
  • For providers, PASCO CareMatch™ includes the ability to view job postings in your area and filter through preferences on availability, the ability to highlight the age groups and diagnoses that providers have experience with, and the space to give more information on who they are as a person

If a provider and client are both interested, it’s a match! These individuals will be led to the meet and greet step.

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Schedule Meet & Greet

The app will guide interested individuals to an interview stage. This is an opportunity for the client and provider to see if the match would be a good fit and understand more about the job they are applying for before accepting.

Both parties must confirm their approval after the meet & greet stage.

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Care Training

PASCO staff will assess what remaining care training is needed based on the individual needs of the client.

  • This may include skill check-offs, paperwork, training on the client’s plan of care, and additional nurse observations to ensure that providers are ready to go when they begin care
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Once a match is made and skills check-offs are complete, care can be provided! Caregivers are able to take a well-deserved break and providers are compensated for their hard work providing care.

Benefits for Clients

  • PASCO Clients will be able to find providers more easily with this application. Posting a job will allow clients to choose from pre-populated eligible care tasks that the client receives, making it easier for the clients or families to decide what care they will need during the respite time.
  • Customizable search filters to zero in on the perfect match.
  • Ability to post jobs, view applicants, schedule interviews, archive applications, and view matches of providers that have accepted a job posting.
  • Ability to leave private feedback on caregivers to help PASCO identify care providers that are not exemplifying the high level of care and integrity that should be expected
  • Many of the providers are current and former caregivers who understand the unique challenges of providing care for loved ones with disabilities.

Benefits for Providers

  • Care providers can use the skills they already have or be trained to perform new skills to meet the needs of clients and families to provide respite care.
  • PASCO Employees seeking additional hours or clients can find jobs that work for them. Potential respite providers seeking more hours to meet PASCO’s benefits threshold of 30 hours/week can pick up a few hours using PASCO CareMatch™ to meet the requirements.
  • Access to a larger client base with an array of unique needs.
  • Time saving for providers through automated matching and preference filtering. Shows the best fit of jobs first and gives the ability to sort through different job options.
  • Streamlined interview scheduling — contact information shared when both provider and client agree that they would like to match and interview. PASCO CareMatch™ tracks all matches and interviews so that PASCO Admin staff can intervene if there is no activity on either the provide or client side.
  • PASCO pay will vary on the level of care being provided during the respite period.
  • Providers can set their availability and filter through jobs that sound like a good fit to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I do not get a match?

  • PASCO will monitor all job postings to review the length of time a job has been posted, working hard to fill all respite requests in a timely manner.  We can intervene and help with the match, including recruiting specific care providers.

How long does it take?

  • Due to PASCO Administrative staff having to handle behind-the-scenes schedule changes, onboarding, and honoring all governing regulations of healthcare delivery, a minimum of 2 weeks is needed before a job date can be active.

How much will I get paid?

  • PASCO pay will vary depending on the care level provided during the respite period.

What is care plan swapping?

  • Care plan swapping is when a new respite provider will take over the primary caregiver’s schedule in full to provide a break.

What is underutilization?

  • The client has extra hours approved for respite care but is not currently utilizing them. If a client qualifies for more hours, a respite provider can take on these hours to give the primary caregiver a break and give the client access to more services.

PASCO CareMatch™ provides the opportunity for the necessary care and support to continue to be provided while primary caregivers can take a step away to go to appointments, take a vacation, run errands, or just simply take some time to recharge.

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