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Creating positive change through collaboration

Meet PASCO's Leadership Team

Meet The Team

PASCO provides home health care services and supports so that every person may live a fulfilled life in their home and community. Meet our team of disability advocates, industry experts and compassionate leaders that help drive our mission daily.

Leslee Torres
CEO, Home Health Adminstrator, CNA

Leslee Torres

As PASCO CEO, Leslee strives to ensure we live The PASCO Promise in everything we do, from unrivaled Medicaid knowledge and advocacy to providing the best clinical and caregiver supports in the industry.  When you’re with PASCO, you’re family and we will do everything we can to support you like family. Leslee has been with PASCO since 2020 and has been a champion for the caregiver experience since Day One. Leslee embodies PASCO’s core value of teamwork and believes that when we come together as a team, we make each other better.  

Favorite hobby: Being a mom to my three girls and when I find time, playing tennis or working with clay.

Favorite thing about PASCO: PASCO is family. We care for caregivers and clients like our own family, going the extra mile with reliability, understanding, and resourcefulness.

Jason Schlosky
VP of Community Engagement

Jason Schlosky

Jason has the privilege to work alongside the Outreach, Marketing, and Intake teams to ensure that PASCO families receive the resources and support they deserve. He started as a marketing manager for PASCO, where he got to use his creative skills (and self-admitted great taste in fonts) to make useful resources and educational materials for our families. Jason has found his home with PASCO as the mission is near and dear to his heart since he understands firsthand what it is like to have a family member with a disability. This personal connection allowed Jason to dive in head first with PASCO’s advocacy efforts when joining the team in 2017. On his second week on the job, he attended a protest at a Senator’s office alongside some great community advocates demanding that people with disabilities continue to access lifesaving services. This experience set the stage for the advocacy-centric work he continues to do today.  

PASCO Core Value: Advocacy – we are the only agency fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Favorite hobby: Spending time with my wife and two daughters

Favorite thing about PASCO: It is not often you get to work for a company that will do anything to help others. The passion and commitment here are like nothing I have ever seen.

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Chief Operations Officer

Adelia Hubbs

Adelia Hubbs is PASCO’s Chief Operating Officer, where she oversees the day-to-day leadership and management of our Class A, Class B, and PASA services. Adelia is a lifelong learner who believes that the pursuit of knowledge allows individuals to embrace their curiosity and sense of adventure. She earned her B.S. from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and her Masters in Healthcare Management from the University of Denver. In her free time, Adelia loves to hike with her family, explore the backcountry on a snowmobile, and read anything and everything. 

PASCO Core Value: All of them! But if I HAVE to choose just one then learning is my favorite core value at PASCO because it the most important value to me personally.

Favorite thing about PASCO: Our incredible community!

Damian Rosenberg
Senior Director of Community Partnerships

Damian Rosenberg

Damian oversees our outreach team, a group of passionate individuals that work to build meaningful relationships with community partners. His team strives to grow our large network of resources available to our families, all while sharing PASCO’s deep history, services, and mission with those in the community. Damian is a long-time advocate for disability rights and continues to push for new and improved laws, better resources, and more access for the community. Advocacy is at the core of what Damian and his team do each day. “We stand on the shoulders of those who came before, while learning and making our meaningful additions, and teach those following us.”

Fun fact: I type loud and can drink water fast.

Favorite hobby: Bicycling, reading, goofing around with his family…and locally sourced peaches.

Jeff thompson
HR Director

Jeff Thompson

Jeff leads the HR team and HR functions of PASCO. He manages processes like recruiting and onboarding of new staff, benefits management, and employee engagement, just to name a few. With over 20 years in the HR field, he brings longstanding experience and translates it into top-tier support for our PASCO family. Jeff values the teamwork exemplified at PASCO, knowing that varied efforts, viewpoints and expertise can often create exceptional solutions when working to help our families. Jeff believes that it takes every person at PASCO to bring their knowledge and experience to be able to help our families with the best possible solutions.

Fun fact: I’m most happy in the mountains above 8,000 feet any day of the year.

PASCO Core Value: I love how everything we do allows families to focus on what is most important – caring for their loved ones.

Chris Laney
Director of Technology and Operations

Chris Laney

As our Director of Operations and Technology, Chris oversees our IT and analyst groups, as well as the billing and payroll team. His teams work to streamline many of the administrative tasks at PASCO that both caregivers and administrative staff complete daily, allowing employees to spend less time on documentation and more time providing quality care for our loved ones. Chris appreciates the values that PASCO are built on, and, more than that, how every single person at PASCO goes beyond the call of duty every day to apply them.

Fun fact: I am currently in the process of writing my first fiction novel.

Favorite hobby: I love spending time with my 2 children, traveling, cooking, playing board games, and reading comic books.

PASCO Core value: Accountability. It’s not just following through on the commitments that we make, it’s the ownership that we feel in everything we do that makes it the foundation of our Core Values and Principles.

Myria Normann
Director of Nursing

Myria Normann

Myria leads an excellent group of Clinical Managers in providing the best clinical care possible through the services offered in PASCO’s Family and Community CNA Programs. As a mother of a child with special needs, Myria understands both the absolute blessings as well as the challenges that go into caregiving. Her personal experience, in addition to her longstanding work in the nursing field, allows Myria to provide amazing experiences and clinical expertise for our PASCO families.

PASCO Core Value:  Ethics. Always do the right thing and the rest will follow!

Favorite hobby: I love reading a great book, listening to podcasts (the scarier the better), hiking, and birding. I also love spending time with my family!

Favorite thing about PASCO:  Everyone at PASCO is so dedicated to providing the best services possible.

Kara Delgado
Intake Manager

Kara Delgado

Kara works with our intake team to ensure every client and prospective family feels welcomed when joining the PASCO Family. She was taught at a young age to always have determination and to never stop learning, and Kara exemplifies this with her PASCO journey. She started as a CNA with the company in 2014, and while she loved the experience, she was soon able to witness firsthand the daily obstacles that some of our clients face. She knew at that moment that she did not want her advocacy and support for clients to stop there. She continued her journey with PASCO into her current role, where she is able to advocate for our families daily.

PASCO Core Value: Advocacy. I never want a client or family to go without support if it is available to them.

Favorite hobby: Spending time in the mountains and enjoying time with my 2 kids and husband.

Favorite thing about PASCO: I love that PASCO truly cares about every individual. Our clients, families, and administrative team. PASCO comes as a united front and never stops fighting to enrich the lives of individuals and the lives of families in our community.

Jess Dottenwhy
HCA Director

Jessica Dottenwhy

Jessica oversees scheduling, care coordination, and field staff management for our amazing Community Care team. Jess and her team work to ensure that all of PASCO’s field clients receive personalized care, allowing them to live empowered and independent lives. She exemplifies PASCO’s core value of teamwork, working cross-departmentally to provide world-class care to our clients & caregivers daily.

Fun fact: I grew up in Minnesota

Favorite hobby: I love to read!

Favorite thing about PASCO: That we all work together as a team every day to help our clients and caregivers

Nicole Mahan
Senior Clinical Manager

Nicole Mahan

Nicole collaborates with our Clinical Manager and Director of Nursing to ensure compliance with state regulations, and educate/support RN Case Managers, LPNs, Family CNAs, and Clients. Nicole is a lifetime learner – she strives to educate herself, our nurses, and our clients in all aspects of the PASCO Promise. Quality care for our clients is always at the top of mind for Nicole. She makes it her mission to reach out, ask questions, and collaborate with other PASCO teams to ensure that we are providing the best possible care to our clients.  

PASCO Core Value: Advocacy – if there is something we can do to help the lives of others, we should.

Favorite hobby: I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my kids.

Favorite thing about PASCO: PASCO works hard to advocate for clients to address their needs, provide quality care, and help them live their best life.

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Medical Records and PAR Manager

Jessalynn Shady

As PASCO’s Medical Records and PAR manager, Jessalyn facilitates the compliance of patient data and supervises the Medical Records and PAR departments. Together they compile, process, and manage all client’s medical records and also provide documentation for medical personnel and governing bodies as needed to ensure continuity of care. She is an undeniable optimist. She refuses to see the glass any other way than half full; there is always the opportunity to improve. Jessalyn uses her wide-reaching knowledge, forward-looking thinking, and optimism to ensure that Medicaid is Made Easy for our PASCO families.

PASCO Core Value: Teamwork! A team can achieve far more than an individual can alone.

Favorite hobby: As a Colorado native I grew up loving everything about the outdoors. You can find me in the creek’s gold panning, hiking with my dogs, dirt biking the backcountry, or identifying local flora.

Favorite thing about PASCO: Our community is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It is an honor to be a part of PASCO and help our families navigate their healthcare opportunities.

Annette Henrekin
Payroll and Billing Manager

Annette Henrekin

Annette is PASCO’s billing and payroll guru! She oversees every week’s payroll process, all while creating, sending, and reconciling claims for all service types per Medicaid rules and regulations. She and her team embody our Care for the Caregiver™ promise by always being there to support caregivers with any payroll issues or helping them to understand their paychecks. Her team strives to ensure that our employees get their well-deserved paychecks on time, every time.

Fun fact: I am one of 10 children

Favorite hobby: Hiking, puzzles, sports, reading, entertaining, playing cards, board games, video games, and movies!

Favorite thing about PASCO: Our continual goal of fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities.