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PASCO is excited to welcome our new CEO, Leslee Torres, into her new role.

Leslee has been with PASCO since May of 2020 and has been an incredible asset to our team. Her three main goals, or pillars, in this new role, are all utilized to amplify the heart and passion that PASCO possesses as an organization.

“We’re going to focus on PASCO’s core belief of Care for the Caregiver. Every interaction we have with each other whether in person, over the phone, in email, or in print needs to demonstrate that we care for each other as humans and that we’re one team,”

Her two other primary focuses involve new and streamlined systems. This includes developing and utilizing new technology to better serve our caregivers, nurses, and administrators. These systems seek to make our time tracking, recordkeeping, and processing easier. With these unified systems, we can all focus on delivering more heart and care each day to those who mean the most to us.

Leslee also looks forward to exploring opportunities to more closely align our administrative teams and elevate the best practices that our people have created.

Above all, Leslee wants to ensure that employee happiness is at the center of what we do here at PASCO. We at PASCO look forward to seeing the passion and knowledge Leslee possesses turn into tangible benefits for our families.

Leslee Torres
Adam Steinbrunner

Adam Steinbrunner

Adam Steinbrunner, our former CEO, will continue work in the disability space focusing on his passion for data strategy. Adam will use these insights to assist our advocacy team and others with local and national policy enhancements and process improvements.

Adam’s guiding principles as a PASCO leader over the past six years were our core values: ethics, teamwork, learning, accountability, and advocacy. All of us at PASCO are so thankful for the impact he has made within this community and beyond. His extensive knowledge regarding data and analytics has allowed PASCO to develop technology and processes that help us provide the best possible support for our families. Adam will continue to grace PASCO over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition for Leslee and to continue his thought leadership.

PASCO would like to thank Adam for his leadership and mentorship throughout his time. We are excited to welcome Leslee into this new role and we look forward to what’s ahead.