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This presentation focuses on Transitioning to Adult Waivers and its aim is to provide caregivers with the resources and knowledge regarding the eligibility criteria when transitioning from children’s waivers to adult waivers in Colorado.

During this presentation, Erika discusses:

  • Transition options from children’s waivers
  • How to apply for adult waivers
  • The specific services and supports under each of the waivers

Erika Swanson, Client Services Manager for PASCO, understands the joy and heartbreak of raising a special needs child. Her son Jackson was a shining light to her even after he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at four months old. Erika was trained and certified by PASCO as a Family CNA to provide the best care possible for her son. Jackson enjoyed many activities including four-wheeling, trips to the mountains, and hanging out with his cousins. Sadly, Jackson suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in May of 2015 at the age of 11, and Erika’s world changed forever. With her personal experience as a Family CNA and understanding of the difficulties in navigating a complex Medicaid system as well as accessing supports and resources, Erika decided to take her experience and knowledge to help other families through a supportive, professional role.