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We Help Colorado Families Care for their Loved Ones

PASCO provides home health care services and supports so that every person may live a fulfilled life in their home and community regardless of disability.

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Learn How to Be Paid to Provide Care for Your Loved One

We believe the best care is delivered when it is delivered with love. Who knows more about the nuances, preferences, and type of care that should be provided to your loved one than a family member or trusted friend?

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PASCO delivers home and community-based services that support long-term independence

We provide home health, nursing, personal care, and community-based services as well as 24/7 backup services for nursing and in-home care. Our experienced Intake Specialists and nurses are here to help determine the best fit for your individual situation.

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Our services embrace a personalized approach to individuals with special needs achieving independence and realizing their potential

Our founder Barry Rosenberg built PASCO with the fundamental belief that we provide our clients with exceptional service by taking good care of the healthcare professionals employed as their caregiver.

PASCO is dedicated to families and individuals with special needs. Beyond excellent care, we provide backup support, guidance, and resources to our clients and families.

To this day, we are still advocating on behalf of PASCO families to empower independence and share access to programs and services that enrich lives and benefit communities.

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I started with PASCO in early 2013. I was welcomed with such warm and caring hands. I had well-educated staff that would advocate for my son and his needs, along with help teach me along the way. I know I was cared for as an employee and as another family provider. There was never a question if my son would be cared for in my absence, I know he would be by loving and compassionate caregivers of PASCO.

A year ago, I had another agency offer me a position. I THOUGHT the grass would be greener… but I learned very quickly that it wasn’t! At the other agency, my son was seen as a dollar amount, and I was only a number. There was absolutely NO compassion or empathy for my sons needs or who cared for him. There was high turnover with nurses and administration at the other agency. I called PASCO to come back. Not only did they welcome me back, they have paved the way for my son and I. I know now, my son and I are in the best hands possible! PASCO is the greatest home health agency in Colorado!

- Mindy Keesling

PASCO is such a blessing in our life. I truly don’t know where we would be without such an amazing, caring company, where all of the employees feel like one big family. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. Because of PASCO, my children get the best care possible because I am the one that takes care of them. PASCO is truly the greatest gift and blessing. It leaves me overwhelmed with joy and happiness!!

- Melissa Fasel

I also want to express my gratitude to everyone at PASCO. I have been blessed with a company who understands and goes out of their way to help. Without you all, I would not be able to provide for my family. Since my daughter's diagnosis, I have not been able to work. You allowed to me to get my CNA license and also paid for my schooling in order to care for my daughter at home. PASCO consistently takes care of their employees and this allows us to care for our loved ones. I can never say it enough times but I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL to you all.

God Bless and Thank You,

– Anjelica Soto
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Learn about services, programs, training, and resources available at PASCO and in our community

Over 30 years of involvement in the community has allowed us to build a resource page for our community partners that offer services, information, and advocacy for individuals with special needs.

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If you are looking for training guides, webinars, or educational videos please visit our Caregiver Training Center.

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Support and Guidance is Only a Call Away

Our experienced Intake Specialists help navigate complex options and determine a fit for your individual situation.

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