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March Advocacy Updates by David Bolin

Medicaid Redeterminations – Action Needed!

As the Public Health Emergency (PHE) is starting to wind down, the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), also known as Health First Colorado, is planning how they will conduct Eligibility Redeterminations. Redeterminations are normally done annually but most have been on hold during the PHE. When clients receive a redetermination packet, there are deadlines to return the information to the County so that financial eligibility can be redetermined. If you have moved during the PHE, please check your account HERE to ensure that your address is up to date. Once the PHE is over and redeterminations begin, people who fail to respond to their mailed packet could lose their Medicaid eligibility. It is estimated that over 300,000 Medicaid recipients in Colorado will lose eligibility when redeterminations are complete.


Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Interested in seeing the opportunities Medicaid offers for you to give input into long-term care services? They publish a calendar of meetings that are open to the public HERE.

New Medicaid Waiver Coming in 2025

HCPF is forming a Community First Choice Implementation Council to finish a process that has been on hold for 4 years. Community First Choice is a waiver that is available under the Affordable Care Act and this waiver was worked on by many people for several years to determine the services that will be available in this state plan waiver. For sure, IHSS and CDASS service delivery options will be available to Medicaid clients who meet the long-term care screen. The projected start date for Community First Choice is 2025. For more information click HERE.

Wheelchair Repair Legislature

For wheelchair users who get the chairs through Medicaid, there are two pieces of legislation in the Colorado Legislature that made it through their first committee hearing on March 22nd. The bills are HB 22-1031 and HB 22-1290. Both are sponsored by Rep. Titone from Arvada and Rep. Ortiz from Littleton. Information on HB 22-1031 can be found HERE. Information on HB 22-1290 can be found HERE. Both bills are to help power wheelchair users to get the chairs repaired in an expeditious manner. If you support the bills, please call your Representative and your Senator.

Wheelchair Repair