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VOTE this November!

This month we are talking about voting!  Justin Dart, a pioneer in disability advocacy and advisor to President George H. W. Bush on the Americans with Disabilities Act, used to say:

“Vote as if your life depended on it; because your life does depend on it.”

No matter the political party you may or may not register with, voting does affect many aspects of our lives.  Do candidates believe that we all have the right to live in our own homes with the appropriate supports to be independent?  Will candidates vote to provide sufficient funding for Medicaid, Medicare, and Disability programs?  Are they willing to support enough funding so our service providers can earn a living wage?  Do they support fully funding special education?  Accessible schools?  Support people with disabilities having careers in the fields they are interested in?  Reasonable accommodations?  And the many other issues that we deem important in our lives?  Will they listen to the people they represent?  The list goes on and on.

This year’s election will determine which political party has a majority in our State House of Representatives, our State Senate, the Governor, other State offices, our U.S. House of Representatives, and our U.S. Senate.  So your vote can make a difference!

Are you registered to vote?  Are you a U.S. citizen?  Are you 18 or older?   If you wish to register to vote please go to your local DMV office, or click HERE to do so online.