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Meet Alexis

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Alexis is a happy, compassionate, good-humored, and loving individual who isn’t afraid to smile and say hi to everyone he sees. He loves music, but not sad music, it must be happy music to get Alexis to sing and dance. He loves to play with his favorite ball, loves his brother’s dog, and especially loves it when his parents sing happy songs to him. Alexis also loves to be the center of attention and he is sure to let everyone know when he feels he is not receiving the attention he deserves. Most importantly, his parents are the world to him and he shows his appreciation to mom and dad by snuggling his cheek to their cheeks. 

Alexis and bear


Before his first birthday, Alexis was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This diagnosis hasn’t slowed Alexis down. He loves to be on the move and in the community. 

Abel, Alexis’ Father, understands that raising a child with special needs requires a deep well of patience and love.  

1st birthday
Alexis baby photo

“If God gave us this task it is because he knows we’re capable.”

Colorado Calling

Abel understands that some parents may ask “Why me?” but Abel looks past that question and sees the goodness in his and his wife’s calling and they are truly grateful for their son. Abel believes the universe was aligning for his family before Alexis was born by calling him to Colorado 25 years ago. Unbeknownst to his family, Colorado is considered the gold standard for disability services and support, but those in this community know there is still a long way to go.

These amazing Colorado services are where Abel and his family connected with PASCO and Accessible Systems. At PASCO, Abel’s wife was able to be trained and paid in order to provide the most compassionate care to Alexis through the Family Caregiver Program and Abel himself provides backup services and support.


My experience with PASCO has been excellent. Our Service Coordinator at PASCO has been the best person to guide us. PASCO has been very patient. THANK YOU for all the great help.

Being a native Spanish speaker, Abel admits he has had some difficulty navigating the different systems of support. He also freely admits that his culture is not accustomed to seeking help or assistance. 


We don’t have people we can freely go to and feel comfortable asking. Sandra takes the time to explain things to us so that we may make the best decision for our family.

Alexis elevator

One of the best decisions Able made with his family was to connect with Accessible Systems. Abel, with limited English, was able to communicate his child’s needs to live more independently. One need for that goal was a way for Alexis to get to his accessible room on the top floor. Accessible Systems came into the home and built an interior home elevator that gave Alexis the ability to easily access his room. 


Accessible Systems were on top of things and were very helpful.

Abel can see the drastic improvement in the quality of life for his son Alexis and for his family. He continues to advocate for his son, and bring awareness to all those that he meets that Alexis may have special needs but he is one of the greatest gifts that has ever been bestowed on this earth.