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It’s simpler than you think!

Did you know that people with disabilities experience higher rates of unemployment than those without disabilities? This mini-documentary series features five businesses working to change that fact! In the Businesses Changing the Status Quo: Shifting the Face of Disability Employment TALKS series, hear from a restaurant, home health care, visual arts, entrepreneurship, and retail perspective on ways to create opportunity and support employees with disabilities.

PASCO is honored to be a part of this project and share input from Outreach Coordinator, Tyler Wesley, and Senior Director of Community Partnerships, Damian Rosenberg. Watch this series to hear Tyler’s story and Damian’s perspective on why hiring individuals with disabilities benefits everyone involved. As Tyler says it best, “why not?”

This video series was created by our friends at THINK+change, a social enterprise of arc of Aurora, and made possible through support from PASCO, arc Thrift Stores, Developmental Pathways, Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council, and Colorado Access.

Visit the THINK+change site to explore how other local businesses are creating opportunities for all.
Thank you THINK+change for this amazing series!

Hear Their Stories

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  • Loretta Kerr says:

    I feel very blessed to have found Pasco several years ago for my sister who is a hemi paraplegic on her right side and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. She is also unable to ambulate or sit up on her own. I am my sister’s CNA and caregiver. Pasco has been there for us every step of the way. I couldn’t of been able to care for her with out there support. I loved hearing Tyler’s story and am so happy to see how much he has progressed with his Mom’s help and his strong determination to succeed. Thank you for your story Tyler!

    Thank you Pasco!