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While in-home healthcare is provided by Medicaid nationwide, only a few states, including Colorado, will pay relatives to provide these comprehensive services.

PASCO’s own VP of Community Engagement, Jason Schlosky, sat down with Denver7 to discuss how family caregiving programs can help ease the increasing shortage of qualified CNAs across the country, all while providing more comprehensive care to those receiving Medicaid services.

At PASCO, we strive to ensure that Coloradoans with disabilities receive the crucial supports and services they need to live independently. We are grateful to be in a state that allows family members to care for their loved ones in their homes – however, many others across the nation do not have the same opportunity for comprehensive, in-home care. While Colorado was the first to implement the family caregiver model in 2001, only a select few states have since followed suit. PASCO, in partnership with local and national advocacy groups, has been hard at work fighting for the expansion of this program into other states across the country.

In this video, Jason is joined by Monica Christiansen, one of PASCO’s amazing caregivers. Monica takes pride in being a CNA and a family caregiver, using her skillset to provide quality care while advocating for her daughter daily. Monica, along with the rest of the Christiansen family, has a special annual tradition that spreads awareness and holiday cheer each year. Called “It’s a Wonderful Light“, the family decorates their home with over 70,000 Christmas lights to shine a light on Autism awareness and fundraise for the Autism Society of Colorado. We are grateful for Monica sharing her story, and to the Christiansen family as a whole for their incredible work in the community each year!

Check out Jason and Monica’s interview below and see how in-home family caregiving can benefit individuals receiving services and their families.

Me, her mom, who loves her the most, is there to take care of her, and she's worth fighting for. (My daughter) is nonverbal. She can't advocate for herself, and so that's my job as her mom, as her CNA, to fight for her, and it's worth the fight.

Monica ChristiansenMom, Caregiver, CNA, Advocate