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Step 1 - Applying the Sling

  • Place the folded sling on the bed next to the individual (be sure to lower the bedside rail if needed).
  • Roll the individual so they are resting on their side. Unfold the sling by a third and place the partially folded sling behind their back.
  • Carefully roll the individual back towards you and unfold the rest of the sling with the smooth side up.
  • Return the individual to their back with the sling now spread out underneath them.
  • Gently raise the individual’s legs, and pull the leg loops forward and under the thigh. Cross the loops over the thighs.
  • Pull one strap through the other.
  • Bring the Lift over to the bed and roll the base as far underneath the bed as possible while positioning the cradle over the individual. Be careful not lower the frame onto them. When using an electric Lift be sure to unplug it from the charging station prior to moving it.
  • Lock the lift in place.
Step 1 Applying the Sling1
Step 1 Applying the Sling2 1
Step 1 Applying the Sling3
Step 1 Applying the Sling4

Step 2 - Raising the Individual

  • When both sides of the sling are attached to their respective sides of the cradle, raise the individual slowly. Place the specific loop or chain the individual requires to ensure the proper fit to prevent from sliding out of the sling.
  • Slowly raise the individual until buttocks are just above the mattress. The self-leveling cradle will bring them into a seated position. Grasp their legs and turn them so their legs hang off the side of the bed. Do not push or pull the individual off of the bed. Lower the bed if you need more clearance.
  • Once the individual has been lifted completely off the bed, you can unlock the lift wheels, grasp the steering handles and move the lift away from the bed. Move the individual into position over the seat of the wheelchair. Make sure wheelchair brakes are on and the area is clear of any rugs or obstacles that can cause the lift to tip over.
Step 2 Raising the Individual 1
Step 2 Raising the Individual 2
Step 2 Raising the Individual 3
Step 2 Raising the Individual 4

Step 3 - Lowering the Individual

  • Slowly lower the individual into the wheelchair or other transport device. Use the spreader handle to widen the Hoyer base allowing it to go around the wheelchair.
  • Unhook the sling’s loops from the lift and move the lift out of the way. Pay attention to the sling bar to ensure it does not swing into the individual.
  • Carefully remove the sling from underneath the individual by slightly leaning them from side to side. Refrain from yanking or pulling the sling, this increases the risk of skin injury.
  • If traveling to the bathroom or area away from the bed, use the spreader handle to close the base while traveling. Use the spreader handle to open the base around the toilet or shower chair.
  • Check for wrinkles on individual’s clothing and smooth out. Wrinkles can cause pressure points on skin.
  • Once the individual is safely and securely in the wheelchair with safety straps or seatbelt applied, unlock the brake, or power on the wheelchair if it is electric.
  • If the lift is electric, be sure to plug it back in so the battery can charge.
Step 3 Lowering the Individual 1
Step 3 Lowering the Individual 2