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We have recently been hearing of instances in which agencies are putting caregivers on hold because their PAR was wrongfully delayed. We want to ensure to our caregivers that no family who has completed all necessary steps for their PAR will have to be without payment due to a wrongful delay.

At PASCO, we pride ourselves on our commitment to prioritizing our families above all else. Some individuals utilizing HCBS waivers are facing incorrect denials or unnecessary holds on their PARs due to the overwhelming workload of case management agencies. These delays can lead to uncertainties and financial strains for our families.

What happens in times like this when the state’s systems falter, or when case managers are overwhelmed by an insurmountable workload? PASCO has taken proactive steps to alleviate these concerns and provide protections for our families. We created a safety net of funds that allow us to pay you for your services even when a PAR is delayed. We believe that caregivers should not bear the brunt of administrative delays or setbacks that are beyond their control. These protections we’ve established at PASCO ensure that caregivers are paid promptly, and once their PARs are approved, their HCBS waiver claims are back paid.

No Par No Hold

We bridge the gap so that you’re never left in limbo, anxiously awaiting approvals or the support that you need. We are dedicated to ensuring that your loved ones receive the care, benefits, and support they rightly deserve, precisely when they need it.

Instances like this are precisely where our 33 years as a trusted agency become your greatest asset. We have experience weathering storms like this that have affected our families for years. Our longstanding history and deep Medicaid knowledge has allowed us to properly prepare for these delays and ensure that we have your back no matter what external factors may come our way. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way. At PASCO, your family is our family, and we are committed to putting your needs first.