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We are excited to introduce two new features to your upcoming paystubs.

We know how helpful it can be to know exactly how each service you complete is billed, so we’re happy to introduce the tools needed to achieve full pay transparency. Paystubs will now feature pay rates for each individual billed service within your loved one’s care plan. Additionally, your paystub will now feature the same details for sick time that was previously only available for vacation time.

Your new paystubs will feature individual pay rates for each billable service you complete. These rates are located in the circled section here. These services and their allocated hours are determined by your loved one’s care plans. The names of each service type as well as the total hours billed towards that service are also listed in this section.

Pay Rate Sample
Sick time sample

In addition to the vacation time details your paystub already includes, we have now implemented those same details for your sick time. In this example, you can see the total amount of sick time you have accrued in total, how much of that time you have used, and how much you currently have available.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our support team at or call (303) 233-3122 and ask for support. We’re here to help!