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From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

It is truly a labor of love to transform this boring office into a fully inclusive and accessible Halloween extravaganza and it is all worth it to see the smiles and excitement on everyone’s faces. Over 800 of our friends and families stopped by to see us and we couldn’t have been happier to connect with everyone.

The origin of PASCO’s Trick or Treat Street started with our Nursing Supervisor Rebecca back in 2012 and this event quickly grew to be one of the favorite events for our families. The idea that our friends who couldn’t speak for themselves, couldn’t be out in the cold for the night, or those that couldn’t go up the stairs around their neighborhood had a place that welcomed them was one of the many reasons she started this event.

We really hope you enjoyed, the inventing room, the bubble room, the chocolate river, the haunted house, the goose that laid the golden egg, the carnival games, the petting zoo, photo booth, and Charlie’s home.

Special thanks to our friends over at Accessible Systems for helping us keep our candy coffers full.

If you were lucky enough to find the golden ticket that led you to this magical world, congrats, if not, don’t worry, we will be back next year……….