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Public Health Emergency News

The Department of Health and Human Services extended the public health emergency for another 90 days on January 11, 2023. While not saying when the PHE will end, the Department gave direction to States concerning a part of the PHE, requiring states to start redetermining Medicaid eligibility by April 1, 2023. States will have up to 14 months to redetermine eligibility.

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, otherwise known as Health First Colorado, will be contacting all Medicaid clients by mail starting in March 2023 to inform them of restarting the revalidation process. The first redeterminations will be due in May 2023. It is predicted that over 800,000 clients will lose Medicaid eligibility.

What can cause you to lose eligibility? You can lose eligibility by:

  • having more than $2000 in assets
  • having an increase in monthly income
  • having moved out of Colorado
  • not updating your address and contact information with Medicaid,
  • failure to return your redetermination paperwork with the required bank statements! This is the most prevalent reason people lose eligibility.

DON’T WAIT! CHECK THAT MEDICAID HAS YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS INFORMATION! You may update your information on the Colorado PEAK website.

Prepare for the End of the PHE

Legislative News

The legislature is already hard at work and has filed many bills for consideration.  There is word out that a bill may be introduced to require a homecare employee registry.  The Advocacy Team and our association, CLASP, have started communication with the possible sponsors to ensure that your privacy is protected as well as the privacy of our clients.

Since the legislature is in session until early May, we will provide information as we are able to obtain it.