PASCO’s History

PASCO was incorporated in 1991 and started operations on January 1, 1992 with one client, who is still receiving home health services through PASCO. What began as a simple two-person operation; RN, and CNA/Back-up/Owner—grew through the years as a trusted and valued community organization. Innovative practices; Telephony, Family Caregiver Services, along with a culture, which fostered independence for its clients and dedication to its staff, have made PASCO the Colorado leader it is today.

PASCO’s Vision

The vision of PASCO is to provide personal assistance services, promoting independence and safety to clients and their families. PASCO wants to serve as a catalyst for clients who wish to direct and be involved with their care. PASCO wants persons with disabilities to have viable choices in how and where they live. In addition, PASCO strives to assist family members who have children, parents, siblings, neighbors with disabilities. The mission of PASCO is to provide quality home health services promoting health and safety. PASCO continually strives for client satisfaction.

PASCO’s Philosophy

The foundation of PASCO is “CHOICE”. To the maximum extent feasible, PASCO works to accommodate the needs and wants of each client.