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Join us for an overview of Health First Colorado Medicaid with a focus on how to access long-term services and supports.

In this recorded presentation, we will dive into:

  • A brief overview of Medicaid from a State and Federal level
  • What is Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT)
  • An explanation of funding sources of home health services for children
  • The differences between skilled and unskilled care, and caregiving options for families

Adam Steinbrunner – CEO – PASCO
Erika Swanson – Client Services and Support Manager – PASCO
Christy S. Blakely – Executive Director – Family Voices CO

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Christy Blakely 
Executive Director
Family Voices Colorado
(303) 877-1747

If you are looking for Advocacy Support or help to navigate the complexities of Medicaid please reach out directly to Christy Blakely.

Swanson Erika

Erika Swanson
Client Services Manager
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If you are looking for support navigating the complex Colorado Medicaid system including education on items during key transitional ages, accessing Medicaid Waivers, and defining the services and supports available please schedule a time to visit with Erika Swanson.

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Intake Team
(303) 233-3122
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We also recommend contacting the Intake Team here at PASCO for resources, information about accessing services, and learning how to become a family caregiver.

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