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Jade Weinstein RN

Jade Weinstein
NurseDesigner 1

Jade’s Story

Jade, an artist-turned-nurse, studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design prior to working for an insurance brokerage firm. Sitting in a cubicle behind a computer for the rest of her life did not appeal to her artistic impulses. Unexpectedly but not surprisingly, her artistic insight would ultimately translate innately into a career of compassion and connection through nursing. Much like art, nursing requires a high level of adaptability, creativity, and the ability to share in the wonders of this world.

Path into Nursing

Unbeknownst to Jade, the chance timing of her father’s cancer diagnosis would shape her own professional worldview; in fact, she began her nursing career in the hematology/oncology floor at Loyola University right before her father was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Jade received her chemotherapy certification the weekend before her father began his own chemotherapy journey. After his passing two years later, her perspective shifted significantly.

As a nurse in oncology, families leaned on her for support and guidance through crucial moments. Of course, her own experiences with cancer informed her ability to navigate these families through such difficult times.

“Nursing became very personal to me at that time… I want to treat people and families how I would want my own family treated.”

For Jade, witnessing important milestones and accomplishments provide a sense of connection to her patients and their families. She was able to fulfill this with PASCO families. One of her most memorable moments in her nursing career was witnessing a client take their first steps after a Traumatic Brain Injury. She is fulfilled by these moments; anything she can do to make our families’ lives easier and more meaningful is what keeps her motivated.

“If I can help make a tough situation easier, then I have done my job.”

When it comes to making life more meaningful Jade has found a home within PASCO. She ultimately found the hospital world lacking in building the long-lasting relationships with patients that she can nurture in this type of organizational setting.

“I love the relationships I have built with my PASCO families and can honestly say that 100% of my patients and families have become my friends”
Nurse Silhouette

Jade has got to be one of the best nurses I have ever had. She is absolutely awesome! Whenever I have a need she is here right away.

Michael B.Family CNA

Thank you Jade, for your tireless commitment to building connections with our clients and families and putting a smile on everyone’s face.