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Jenny Jordan RN

Nurse Spotlight Jenny
Jennys Story@2x

Jenny’s Story

Everyone’s career trajectories have a story behind them, a unique experience that transcends their resume and cover letter. Our PASCO Nurse Jenny Jordan, RN, is no exception. When she is not working with PASCO (going on 10+ years) you can find her as a school nurse over at Fletcher Miller, a school for special learners.

Path into Nursing

Jenny’s path into nursing started early, as she grew up in southern California. Two of her aunts were RN’s, and like many caregivers, their compassion for the profession was contagious. Additionally, Jenny’s father experienced a mild form of cerebral palsy. Life with her dad during her formative years opened her eyes to the lack of advocacy and proper healthcare available to those with disabilities.  Jenny sought out a path to help individuals meet their unique healthcare needs. She eagerly started working with kids experiencing rare disorders at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where Jenny advanced both her advocacy skills and compassionate learning. Marrying a Colorado native, she moved to the Lakewood area where she continued providing dedicated healthcare within the Oncology Department at Lutheran Hospital. She then discovered Fletcher Miller and fell in love with the school’s tight-knit community.

A legacy of compassion

The past 23 years have become witness to Jenny Jordan as a beloved institution at the Jefferson County school. Her encouragement fosters independence for students of all abilities and in 2009, Jenny started her journey as a much sought after and cherished PASCO nurse. Her unique ability to build relationships and leave an impact on our families supports PASCO’s core value of advocacy with compassion and dedication.

“We owe Jenny a ton. She changed our lives. If it weren’t for her, we would have never heard about PASCO and I never would have become a family CNA. We have known each other for over 18 years. She’s not just our nurse, she’s family.”

– Diane, Family CNA


Jenny sees her involvement as distinctly rewarding. “Seeing these kids grow-up, all the way from school age to young adults, navigating the world that is oftentimes not set up for their differences, gives me so much pride in their tenacity and resiliency. I love it. I have seen and worked with some amazing individuals.”  The appeal of practicing as a nurse with PASCO is being able to observe the family dynamic in their day-to-day life and find opportunities to continually learn and grow, providing the best possible care.

“I’m always learning from the grace and continual hard work that I witness day in and day out with our (PASCO) families. I become almost like a family member. I am there to celebrate milestones, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and so much more. I am continually reminded of the importance, impact, and partnership that exists between us as nurses and our families.”


Years of Support with PASCO


Years Supporting Our Community



Thank you, Jenny, for your continued dedication and hard work supporting our clients and their families.