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What is Appendix K?

Appendix K was made to create temporary changes to HCBS waiver rules in Colorado during the Public Health Emergency (PHE). These adjustments were made to allow more Colorado families to access services with safety precautions in mind while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes were made to create safer, more controlled environments in which care could be delivered. This included changes that involved more virtual options, less frequent in-home interaction with non-family members, and more.

While some of these changes were chosen to remain permanent beyond the PHE, there are some key flexibilities that will no longer be available as of November 11th, 2023. Please review the changes being made on this date and the waiver programs that will be affected.

Appendix K Changes That No Longer Be Available

These Appendix K modifications will no longer be available due to the end of the Public Health Emergency. This will be effective November 11, 2023.

Family caregivers or legally responsible adults may no longer perform certain services

Applies to the following programs:

  • Community Connector (CES and CHRP waivers)
  • Homemaker (CES waiver)

Certain services may no longer be provided to include a telehealth option

Applies to the following programs:

  • Day Treatment (BI waiver)
  • Prevocational Services (SLS and DD waivers)
  • Behavioral Services – Line Staff (DD and SLS waivers)

Verbal Authorization of Signatures No Longer Permitted

Verbal authorization of a member’s signature will be revoked. Digital signatures will continue to be allowed

  • Applicable Waivers: All

Virtual case management - certain flexibilities ending

Reinstate the requirement for the Level of Care Screen and one monitoring contact to be performed in person

  • Applicable Waivers: All
Source: Colorado Dept. of Health Care & Financing. (2023). Unwinding Appendix K Flexibilities. Retrieved from:

If you believe that your plan of care may change due to these Appendix K changes, contact your case management or home healthcare agency. These entities should be proactively contacting affected individuals prior to the November 11th transition date.

We understand that navigating these changes in Medicaid rules can be overwhelming to navigate. If you have any questions regarding Appendix K changes or the Public Health Emergency, please do not hesitate to reach out! Our knowledgable team is here to help.

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